todo.cpp File Reference
#include "incidence_p.h"
#include "todo.h"
#include "recurrence.h"
#include "utils_p.h"
#include "visitor.h"
#include "kcalendarcore_debug.h"
#include <QTime>
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 endUpdates ()
 if (recurs() &&!first)
 if (recurs() &&dtDue.isValid() &&(!dtStart().isValid()||dtDue< recurrence() ->startDateTime()))
 Q_D (Todo)



Detailed Description

Provides a To-do in the sense of RFC2445.

This file is part of the API for handling calendar data and defines the Todo class.

Cornelius Schumacher <schum.nosp@m.ache.nosp@m.r@kde.nosp@m..org>
Allen Winter <winte.nosp@m.r@kd.nosp@m.e.org>

Definition in file todo.cpp.

Function Documentation

◆ Q_D()

Q_D ( Todo  )

Private class that helps to provide binary compatibility between releases.

Todo::Todo() : Incidence(new TodoPrivate()) { }

Todo::Todo(const Todo &other) : Incidence(other, new TodoPrivate(*(other.d_func()))) { }

Todo::Todo(const Incidence &other) : Incidence(other, new TodoPrivate(other)) { }

Todo::~Todo() = default;

Todo *Todo::clone() const { return new Todo(*this); }

IncidenceBase &Todo::assign(const IncidenceBase &other) { Q_D(Todo); if (&other != this) { Incidence::assign(other); const Todo *t = static_cast<const Todo *>(&other); d->init(*(t->d_func())); } return *this; }

bool Todo::equals(const IncidenceBase &todo) const { if (!Incidence::equals(todo)) { return false; } else { If they weren't the same type IncidenceBase::equals would had returned false already const Todo *t = static_cast<const Todo *>(&todo); return identical(dtDue(), t->dtDue()) && hasDueDate() == t->hasDueDate() && hasStartDate() == t->hasStartDate() && ((completed() == t->completed()) || (!completed().isValid() && !t->completed().isValid())) && hasCompletedDate() == t->hasCompletedDate() && percentComplete() == t->percentComplete(); } }

Incidence::IncidenceType Todo::type() const { return TypeTodo; }

QByteArray Todo::typeStr() const { return QByteArrayLiteral("Todo"); }

void Todo::setDtDue(const QDateTime &dtDue, bool first) { startUpdates();

int diffsecs = d->mDtDue.secsTo(dtDue);

/*if (mReadOnly) return;
const Alarm::List& alarms = alarms();
for (Alarm *alarm = alarms.first(); alarm; alarm = alarms.next()) {
  if (alarm->enabled()) {

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