KHelpClient Namespace Reference


void invokeHelp (const QString &anchor=QString(), const QString &appname=QString())

Detailed Description

Provides utility functions for access to help manuals.

Function Documentation

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void KHelpClient::invokeHelp ( const QString & anchor = QString(),
const QString & appname = QString() )

Invokes the KHelpCenter HTML help viewer from docbook sources.

The HTML file will be found using the X-DocPath entry in the application's desktop file. It can be either a relative path, or a website URL.

anchorThis has to be a defined anchor in your docbook sources or website. If empty the main index is loaded.
appnameThis allows you to specify the .desktop file to get the help path from. If empty the QCoreApplication::applicationName() is used.

Definition at line 17 of file khelpclient.cpp.

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