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 CKCodecActionAction for selecting one of several text codecs
 CKCommandBarA hud style menu which allows listing and executing actions
 CActionGroupRepresents a list of action that belong to the same group
 CKConfigDialogStandard KDE configuration dialog class
 CKConfigDialogManagerProvides a means of automatically retrieving, saving and resetting KConfigSkeleton based settings in a dialog
 CKConfigViewStateSaverBase class for saving and restoring state in QTreeViews and QItemSelectionModels using KConfig as storage
 CKHamburgerMenuA menu that substitutes a menu bar when necessary
 CKLanguageButtonKLanguageButton is a pushbutton which allows a language to be selected from a popup list
 CKLanguageNameKLanguageName is a helper namespace that returns the name of a given language code
 CKRecentFilesActionRecent files action
 CKViewStateMaintainerEncapsulates the maintenance of state between resets of QAbstractItemModel
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