KDocTools Namespace Reference


KDOCTOOLS_EXPORT QStringList documentationDirs ()
KDOCTOOLS_EXPORT QByteArray extractFileToBuffer (const QString &content, const QString &filename)
KDOCTOOLS_EXPORT QString locateFileInDtdResource (const QString &file, const QStandardPaths::LocateOptions option=QStandardPaths::LocateFile)
KDOCTOOLS_EXPORT bool saveToCache (const QString &contents, const QString &filename)
KDOCTOOLS_EXPORT void setupStandardDirs (const QString &srcdir=QString())
KDOCTOOLS_EXPORT QString transform (const QString &file, const QString &stylesheet, const QList< const char * > &params=QList< const char * >())

Detailed Description

Utility methods to generate documentation in various format from DocBook files.

Function Documentation

◆ documentationDirs()

QStringList KDocTools::documentationDirs ( )

Returns the directories which can contain documentation.


Definition at line 425 of file xslt.cpp.

◆ extractFileToBuffer()

QByteArray KDocTools::extractFileToBuffer ( const QString & content,
const QString & filename )

Extract the content of a single file from the content string generated by the transformation scripts.


Definition at line 306 of file xslt.cpp.

◆ locateFileInDtdResource()

QString KDocTools::locateFileInDtdResource ( const QString & file,
const QStandardPaths::LocateOptions option = QStandardPaths::LocateFile )

Find a specified file amongst the resource shipped with KDocTools.

Definition at line 352 of file xslt.cpp.

◆ saveToCache()

bool KDocTools::saveToCache ( const QString & contents,
const QString & filename )

Save the content (compressed) in the specified filename.

Definition at line 8 of file xslt_kde.cpp.

◆ setupStandardDirs()

void KDocTools::setupStandardDirs ( const QString & srcdir = QString())

Initialize the XML catalog used by XSLT functions from the standard directories or from the specified srcdir.

Definition at line 329 of file xslt.cpp.

◆ transform()

QString KDocTools::transform ( const QString & file,
const QString & stylesheet,
const QList< const char * > & params = QList<const char *>() )

Transform and return the content of file with the specified XSLT stylesheet (both already in memory) using the optional parameters.

Definition at line 134 of file xslt.cpp.

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