Deprecated List
Member I18N_NOOP (text)
since 5.89, use kli18n() instead.
Member I18N_NOOP2 (context, text)
between 5.0 and 5.64, re-enabled in 5.65, re-deprecated in 5.89, use kli18nc() instead.
Member I18N_NOOP2_NOSTRIP (context, text)
Since 5.0, use I18NC_NOOP.
Member I18NC_NOOP (context, text)
since 5.89, use kli18nc() instead.
Member KLocalizedString::insertQtDomain (const char *domain)
Since 5.0
Member KLocalizedString::removeQtDomain (const char *domain)
Since 5.0
Member KLocalizedString::translateQt (const char *context, const char *text, const char *comment, int n)
Use Qt's native i18n system, Qt Linguist, with roundtrip TS->PO->TS through Qt's lupdate and lconvert commands.
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