KTimeZone Namespace Reference


KI18NLOCALEDATA_EXPORT KCountry country (const char *ianaId)
KI18NLOCALEDATA_EXPORT const char * fromLocation (float latitude, float longitude)

Detailed Description

Timezone localization methods.


Function Documentation

◆ country()

KI18NLOCALEDATA_EXPORT KCountry KTimeZone::country ( const char * ianaId)

Returns the country a timezone is in.

This only returns a country if the timezone covers exactly one country (but not necessarily the entire country). For obtaining any country covered by a timezone, see QTimeZone::territory.

Definition at line 22 of file ktimezone.cpp.

◆ fromLocation()

const char * KTimeZone::fromLocation ( float latitude,
float longitude )

Returns the timezone at the given geo coordinate.

Definition at line 16 of file ktimezone.cpp.

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