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UploadPage Class Reference
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QtObject engine
- Properties inherited from org::kde::kirigami::ScrollablePage
Flickable flickable
int horizontalScrollBarPolicy
bool keyboardNavigationEnabled
bool refreshing
alias scrollablePageData
bool supportsRefreshing
int verticalScrollBarPolicy
- Properties inherited from org::kde::kirigami::Page
alias actions
alias contextualActions
Flickable flickable
Item globalToolBarItem
int globalToolBarStyle
bool isCurrentPage
alias leftAction
alias mainAction
bool needsAttention
alias overlay
var progress
alias rightAction
Component titleDelegate

Additional Inherited Members

- Signals inherited from org::kde::kirigami::Page
void backRequested (var event)
void contextualActionsAboutToShow ()

Detailed Description

A Kirigami.Page component used for showing how to upload KNS entries to a service.

This page shows a short guide for uploading new content to the service provided by a KNewStuff provider. This attempts to use the information available through the provider itself, and shows a link to the service's web page, and email in case it is not the KDE Store.

While there are not currently any services which support direct OCS API based uploading of new content, we still need a way to guide people to how to do this, hence this component's simplistic nature.

This component is functionally equivalent to the old UploadDialog

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Definition at line 27 of file UploadPage.qml.

Property Documentation

◆ engine

QtObject UploadPage::engine

The NewStuffQuick Engine instance used to display content for this item.

You can either pass in one that has already been set up (such as from a NewStuff.Page or NewStuff.Dialog), or you can construct a new one yourself, simply by doing something like this (which will use the wallpapers configuration):

NewStuff.UploadPage {
engine: NewStuff.Engine {
configFile: "wallpapers.knsrc"

Definition at line 42 of file UploadPage.qml.

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QtObject engine
The NewStuffQuick Engine instance used to display content for this item.
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