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 CAuthorEncapsulates a KNSCore::Author for use in Qt Quick
 CCommentsModelEncapsulates a KNSCore::CommentsModel for use in Qt Quick
 CButtonKHotNewStuff push button that makes using KHNS in an application more convenient by encapsulating most of the details involved in using KHotNewStuff in the button itself
 CDownloadDialogKNewStuff download dialog
 CDownloadManagerKNewStuff update checker
 CDownloadWidgetKNewStuff download widget
 CEntryKNewStuff information about changed entries
 CUploadDialogKNewStuff file upload dialog
 NKNSCoreContains the core functionality for handling interaction with NewStuff providers
 CAuthorKNewStuff author information
 CCommentsModelA model which takes care of the comments for a single EntryInternal
 CDownloadManagerKNewStuff update checker
 CEngineKNewStuff engine
 CEntryInternalKNewStuff data entry container
 CEntryWrapperTODO KF6 see above (in short, make this class irrelevant so it can be removed)
 CInstallationKNewStuff entry installation
 CKPackageJobA job for performing basic actions on KPackage packages asynchronously
 CProviderKNewStuff Base Provider class
 CCategoryMetadataDescribes a category: id/name/disaplayName
 CSearchRequestUsed to keep track of a search
 CQuestionA way to ask a user a question from inside a GUI-less library (like KNewStuffCore)
 CQuestionListenerImplementation-side handler class for questions sent from KNewStuffCore
 CQuestionManagerThe central class handling Question redirection
 CSecurityDo not use this class
 CTagsFilterCheckerApply simple filtering logic to a list of tags
 CXmlLoaderKNewStuff xml loader
 CButtonA button which when clicked will open a dialog with a NewStuff.Page at the base
 CDialogA dialog which has a NewStuff.Page at the base
 CDialogContentThe contents of the NewStuff.Dialog component
 CDownloadItemsSheetAn overlay sheet for showing a list of download options for one entry
 CEntryCommentDelegateA card based delegate for showing a comment from a KNewStuffQuick::QuickCommentsModel
 CEntryCommentsPageA Kirigami.Page component used for displaying a NewStuff entry's comments
 CEntryDetailsA Kirigami.Page component used for displaying the details for a single entry
 CGridTileDelegateBase delegate for KControlmodules based on Grid views of thumbnails Use the onClicked signal handler for managing the main action when the user clicks on the tile, modified from the original GridDelegate from the KCM module QtQuick.Templates.ItemDelegate
 CNewStuffListTo use NewStuffList, simply instantiate it and pass the local file location of a knsrc file to the configFile property
 CPageA Kirigami.Page component used for managing KNS entries
 CQuestionAskerA component used to forward questions from KNewStuff's engine to the UI
 CCategoriesModelA model which shows the categories found in an Engine
 CDownloadLinkInfoOne downloadable item as contained within one content item
 CEngineEncapsulates a KNSCore::Engine for use in Qt Quick
 CItemsModelA model which shows the contents found in an Engine
 CKMoreToolsHelps to create user-configurable menus with tools which are potentially not yet installed
 CKMoreToolsMenuBuilderDefine how the default structure of the menu should look like
 CKMoreToolsMenuFactoryThis is the class with the highest abstraction in KMoreTools
 CKMoreToolsMenuItemRepresents a menu item of a service (application, tool or variant of the same service with different parameters)
 CKMoreToolsPresetsProvides static methods to make use of desktop files provided by KMoreTools
 CKMoreToolsServiceA service described in a .desktop file (kmt-desktopfile) which will be called "registered service"
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