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KNSCore::TagsFilterChecker Class Reference

#include <tagsfilterchecker.h>

Public Member Functions

 TagsFilterChecker (const QStringList &tagFilter)
 TagsFilterChecker (const TagsFilterChecker &)=delete
bool filterAccepts (const QStringList &tags)
TagsFilterCheckeroperator= (const TagsFilterChecker &)=delete

Detailed Description

Apply simple filtering logic to a list of tags.

== Examples of specifying tag filters == Value for tag "tagname" must be exactly "tagdata": tagname==tagdata

Value for tag "tagname" must be different from "tagdata": tagname!=tagdata

== Tag filter list == A tag filter list is a string list of filters as shown above, and a combination of which might look like:

  • ghns_excluded!=1
  • data##mimetype==application/cbr+zip
  • data##mimetype==application/cbr+rar

which would filter out anything which has ghns_excluded set to 1, and anything where the value of data##mimetype does not equal either "application/cbr+zip" or "application/cbr+rar". Notice in particular the two data##mimetype entries. Use this for when a tag may have multiple values.

The value does not current support wildcards. The list should be considered a binary AND operation (that is, all filter entries must match for the data entry to be included in the return data)


Definition at line 47 of file tagsfilterchecker.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TagsFilterChecker()

KNSCore::TagsFilterChecker::TagsFilterChecker ( const QStringList & tagFilter)

Constructs an instance of the tags filter checker, prepopulated with the list of tag filters in the tagFilter parameter.

tagFilterThe list of tag filters

Definition at line 125 of file tagsfilterchecker.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ filterAccepts()

bool KNSCore::TagsFilterChecker::filterAccepts ( const QStringList & tags)

Check whether the filter list accepts the passed list of tags.

tagsA list of tags in the form of key=value strings
True if the filter accepts the list, false if not

Definition at line 135 of file tagsfilterchecker.cpp.

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