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KPlotAxis Class Reference

#include <kplotaxis.h>

Public Member Functions

 KPlotAxis (const QString &label=QString())
 ~KPlotAxis ()
bool areTickLabelsShown () const
bool isVisible () const
QString label () const
QList< double > majorTickMarks () const
QList< double > minorTickMarks () const
void setLabel (const QString &label)
void setTickLabelFormat (char format='g', int fieldWidth=0, int precision=-1)
void setTickLabelsShown (bool b)
void setTickMarks (double x0, double length)
void setVisible (bool visible)
QString tickLabel (double value) const
char tickLabelFormat () const
int tickLabelPrecision () const
int tickLabelWidth () const

Detailed Description

Axis for KPlotWidget.

Contains all data for drawing an axis including format specification axis labels.

Andreas Nicolai

Definition at line 26 of file kplotaxis.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ KPlotAxis()

KPlotAxis::KPlotAxis ( const QString & label = QString())

Constructor, constructs an axis with the label label.

Definition at line 36 of file kplotaxis.cpp.

◆ ~KPlotAxis()

KPlotAxis::~KPlotAxis ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ areTickLabelsShown()

bool KPlotAxis::areTickLabelsShown ( ) const
whether tick labels will be drawn for this axis

Definition at line 54 of file kplotaxis.cpp.

◆ isVisible()

bool KPlotAxis::isVisible ( ) const
whether the axis is visible or not

Definition at line 44 of file kplotaxis.cpp.

◆ label()

QString KPlotAxis::label ( ) const
the label string for this axis

Definition at line 69 of file kplotaxis.cpp.

◆ majorTickMarks()

QList< double > KPlotAxis::majorTickMarks ( ) const
the list of coordinates of the major tickmarks for this axis
the positions of tickmarks are automatically computed by setTickMarks().
See also

Definition at line 181 of file kplotaxis.cpp.

◆ minorTickMarks()

QList< double > KPlotAxis::minorTickMarks ( ) const
the list with the minor tickmarks
the positions of tickmarks are automatically computed by setTickMarks().
See also

Definition at line 186 of file kplotaxis.cpp.

◆ setLabel()

void KPlotAxis::setLabel ( const QString & label)

Sets the axis label.

Set the label to an empty string to omit the axis label.

labela string describing the data plotted on the axis.

Definition at line 64 of file kplotaxis.cpp.

◆ setTickLabelFormat()

void KPlotAxis::setTickLabelFormat ( char format = 'g',
int fieldWidth = 0,
int precision = -1 )

Set the display format for converting the double value of the tick's position to the QString for the tick label.

Normally, the format character is one of 'e', 'E', 'f', 'g', or 'G' (see the documentation for QString::arg(double) for details).

In addition, it is possible to set the format character to 't'; in this case the tickmark value is interpreted as a time in hours, and the ticklabel string will be in "hh:mm" clock format. Note that when the format character is 't', the fieldWidth and prec values are ignored.

formatthe format specification character
fieldWidththe number of characters in the output string. If set to 0, the string will be as wide as it needs to be to fully render the value.
precisionthe number of characters following the decimal point.

Definition at line 74 of file kplotaxis.cpp.

◆ setTickLabelsShown()

void KPlotAxis::setTickLabelsShown ( bool b)

Determine whether tick labels will be drawn for this axis.

bif true, tick labels will be drawn.

Definition at line 59 of file kplotaxis.cpp.

◆ setTickMarks()

void KPlotAxis::setTickMarks ( double x0,
double length )

Determine the positions of major and minor tickmarks for this axis.

this function is called by KPlotWidget whenever the plot's limits are modified.
x0the minimum data coordinate of the axis.
lengththe range covered by the axis, in data units.
See also

Definition at line 96 of file kplotaxis.cpp.

◆ setVisible()

void KPlotAxis::setVisible ( bool visible)

Sets the "visible" property of the axis.

visibleif true, this axis will be drawn on the KPlotWidget

Definition at line 49 of file kplotaxis.cpp.

◆ tickLabel()

QString KPlotAxis::tickLabel ( double value) const
the ticklabel string for the given value, rendered according to the current format specification.
thevalue to be rendered as a tick label.
See also

Definition at line 163 of file kplotaxis.cpp.

◆ tickLabelFormat()

char KPlotAxis::tickLabelFormat ( ) const
the number format of the tick labels

Definition at line 86 of file kplotaxis.cpp.

◆ tickLabelPrecision()

int KPlotAxis::tickLabelPrecision ( ) const
the number precision of the tick labels

Definition at line 91 of file kplotaxis.cpp.

◆ tickLabelWidth()

int KPlotAxis::tickLabelWidth ( ) const
the field width of the tick labels

Definition at line 81 of file kplotaxis.cpp.

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