Data plotting


KPlotWidget is a QWidget-derived class that provides a virtual base class for easy data-plotting. The idea behind KPlotWidget is that you only have to specify information in "data units"; i.e., the natural units of the data being plotted. KPlotWidget automatically converts everything to screen pixel units.

KPlotWidget draws X and Y axes with tick marks and tick labels. It automatically determines how many tick marks to use and where they should be, based on the data limits specified for the plot. You change the limits by calling setLimits(double x1, double x2, double y1, double y2).

Data to be plotted are stored using the KPlotObject class. KPlotObject consists of a QList of QPointF's, each specifying the X,Y coordinates of a data point. KPlotObject also specifies the "type" of data to be plotted (POINTS or CURVE or POLYGON or LABEL).