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 CKDBusServiceStarterA generic D-Bus service starter, using KServiceTypeTrader
 CKMimeTypeTraderKDE's trader for services associated to a given MIME type
 CKPluginInfoInformation about a plugin
 CKPluginTraderA trader interface which provides a way to query specific subdirectories in the Qt plugin paths for plugins
 CKServiceActionRepresents an action in a .desktop file Actions are defined with the config key Actions in the [Desktop Entry] group, followed by one group per action, as per the desktop entry standard
 CKServiceOfferHolds the user's preference of a service
 CKServiceTypeTraderKDE's trader interface (similar to the CORBA Trader), which provides a way to query the KDE infrastructure for specific applications or components
 CQObject [external]
 CKAutostartKAutostart provides a programmatic means to control the state of autostart services on a per-user basis
 CKToolInvocationKToolInvocation: for starting other programs
 CQSharedData [external]
 CKSycocaEntryBase class for all Sycoca entries
 CKServiceRepresent a service, like an application or plugin bound to one or several MIME types (or servicetypes) as written in its desktop entry file
 CKServiceGroupKServiceGroup represents a group of service, for example screensavers
 CKServiceTypeA service type is, well, a type of service, where a service is an application or plugin
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