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KTextTemplate::Exception Class Reference

#include <KTextTemplate/Exception>

Public Member Functions

 Exception (Error errorCode, const QString &what)

Detailed Description

An exception for use when implementing template tags.

The Exception class can be used when implementing AbstractNodeFactory::getNode. An exception can be thrown to indicate that the syntax of a particular tag is invalid.

For example, the following template markup should throw an error because the include tag should have exactly one argument:

{% include %}

The corresponding implementation of IncludeNodeFactory::getNode is

QStringList tagContents = smartSplit( tagContent );
if ( tagContents.size() != 2 )
throw KTextTemplate::Exception( TagSyntaxError,
"Error: Include tag takes exactly one argument" );
// The item at index 0 in the list is the tag name, "include"
QString includeName = tagContents.at( 1 );
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Definition at line 84 of file exception.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Exception()

KTextTemplate::Exception::Exception ( Error  errorCode,
const QString what 

Creates an exception for the error errorCode and the verbose message what.

Definition at line 91 of file exception.h.

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int size() const const
const T & at(int i) const const
An exception for use when implementing template tags.
Definition: exception.h:84
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