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KWallet::MD5Digest Class Reference

#include <kwalletbackend.h>

Inheritance diagram for KWallet::MD5Digest:

Public Member Functions

 MD5Digest (const char *data)
 MD5Digest (const QByteArray &digest)
int operator< (const MD5Digest &r) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from QByteArray
 QByteArray (const char *data, qsizetype size)
 QByteArray (const QByteArray &other)
 QByteArray (QByteArray &&other)
 QByteArray (qsizetype size, char ch)
 QByteArray (qsizetype size, Qt::Initialization)
QByteArrayappend (char ch)
QByteArrayappend (const char *str)
QByteArrayappend (const char *str, qsizetype len)
QByteArrayappend (const QByteArray &ba)
QByteArrayappend (QByteArrayView data)
QByteArrayappend (qsizetype count, char ch)
QByteArrayassign (InputIterator first, InputIterator last)
QByteArrayassign (QByteArrayView v)
QByteArrayassign (qsizetype n, char c)
char at (qsizetype i) const const
char & back ()
char back () const const
iterator begin ()
const_iterator begin () const const
qsizetype capacity () const const
const_iterator cbegin () const const
const_iterator cend () const const
void chop (qsizetype n)
QByteArray chopped (qsizetype len) const const
void clear ()
int compare (QByteArrayView bv, Qt::CaseSensitivity cs) const const
const_iterator constBegin () const const
const char * constData () const const
const_iterator constEnd () const const
bool contains (char ch) const const
bool contains (QByteArrayView bv) const const
qsizetype count () const const
qsizetype count (char ch) const const
qsizetype count (QByteArrayView bv) const const
const_reverse_iterator crbegin () const const
const_reverse_iterator crend () const const
char * data ()
const char * data () const const
iterator end ()
const_iterator end () const const
bool endsWith (char ch) const const
bool endsWith (QByteArrayView bv) const const
iterator erase (const_iterator first, const_iterator last)
iterator erase (const_iterator it)
qsizetype erase (QByteArray &ba, const T &t)
qsizetype erase_if (QByteArray &ba, Predicate pred)
QByteArrayfill (char ch, qsizetype size)
QByteArray first (qsizetype n) const const
char & front ()
char front () const const
qsizetype indexOf (char ch, qsizetype from) const const
qsizetype indexOf (QByteArrayView bv, qsizetype from) const const
QByteArrayinsert (qsizetype i, char ch)
QByteArrayinsert (qsizetype i, const char *data, qsizetype len)
QByteArrayinsert (qsizetype i, const char *s)
QByteArrayinsert (qsizetype i, const QByteArray &data)
QByteArrayinsert (qsizetype i, QByteArrayView data)
QByteArrayinsert (qsizetype i, qsizetype count, char ch)
bool isEmpty () const const
bool isLower () const const
bool isNull () const const
bool isUpper () const const
bool isValidUtf8 () const const
QByteArray last (qsizetype n) const const
qsizetype lastIndexOf (char ch, qsizetype from) const const
qsizetype lastIndexOf (QByteArrayView bv) const const
qsizetype lastIndexOf (QByteArrayView bv, qsizetype from) const const
QByteArray left (qsizetype len) const const
QByteArray leftJustified (qsizetype width, char fill, bool truncate) const const
qsizetype length () const const
QByteArray mid (qsizetype pos, qsizetype len) const const
const char * operator const char * () const const
const void * operator const void * () const const
bool operator!= (const char *a1, const QByteArray &a2)
bool operator!= (const QByteArray &a1, const char *a2)
bool operator!= (const QByteArray &a1, const QByteArray &a2)
bool operator!= (const QString &str) const const
QByteArray operator""_ba (const char *str, size_t size)
QByteArray operator""_qba (const char *str, size_t size)
QByteArray operator+ (char a1, const QByteArray &a2)
QByteArray operator+ (const char *a1, const QByteArray &a2)
QByteArray operator+ (const QByteArray &a1, char a2)
QByteArray operator+ (const QByteArray &a1, const char *a2)
QByteArray operator+ (const QByteArray &a1, const QByteArray &a2)
QByteArrayoperator+= (char ch)
QByteArrayoperator+= (const char *str)
QByteArrayoperator+= (const QByteArray &ba)
bool operator< (const char *a1, const QByteArray &a2)
bool operator< (const QByteArray &a1, const char *a2)
bool operator< (const QByteArray &a1, const QByteArray &a2)
bool operator< (const QString &str) const const
QDataStreamoperator<< (QDataStream &out, const QByteArray &ba)
bool operator<= (const char *a1, const QByteArray &a2)
bool operator<= (const QByteArray &a1, const char *a2)
bool operator<= (const QByteArray &a1, const QByteArray &a2)
bool operator<= (const QString &str) const const
QByteArrayoperator= (const char *str)
QByteArrayoperator= (const QByteArray &other)
QByteArrayoperator= (QByteArray &&other)
bool operator== (const char *a1, const QByteArray &a2)
bool operator== (const QByteArray &a1, const char *a2)
bool operator== (const QByteArray &a1, const QByteArray &a2)
bool operator== (const QString &str) const const
bool operator> (const char *a1, const QByteArray &a2)
bool operator> (const QByteArray &a1, const char *a2)
bool operator> (const QByteArray &a1, const QByteArray &a2)
bool operator> (const QString &str) const const
bool operator>= (const char *a1, const QByteArray &a2)
bool operator>= (const QByteArray &a1, const char *a2)
bool operator>= (const QByteArray &a1, const QByteArray &a2)
bool operator>= (const QString &str) const const
QDataStreamoperator>> (QDataStream &in, QByteArray &ba)
char & operator[] (qsizetype i)
char operator[] (qsizetype i) const const
QByteArray percentDecoded (char percent) const const
QByteArrayprepend (char ch)
QByteArrayprepend (const char *str)
QByteArrayprepend (const char *str, qsizetype len)
QByteArrayprepend (const QByteArray &ba)
QByteArrayprepend (QByteArrayView ba)
QByteArrayprepend (qsizetype count, char ch)
void push_back (char ch)
void push_back (const char *str)
void push_back (const QByteArray &other)
void push_back (QByteArrayView str)
void push_front (char ch)
void push_front (const char *str)
void push_front (const QByteArray &other)
void push_front (QByteArrayView str)
 QByteArrayLiteral (ba)
quint16 qChecksum (QByteArrayView data, Qt::ChecksumType standard)
QByteArray qCompress (const QByteArray &data, int compressionLevel)
QByteArray qCompress (const uchar *data, qsizetype nbytes, int compressionLevel)
int qsnprintf (char *str, size_t n, const char *fmt,...)
int qstrcmp (const char *str1, const char *str2)
char * qstrcpy (char *dst, const char *src)
char * qstrdup (const char *src)
int qstricmp (const char *str1, const char *str2)
size_t qstrlen (const char *str)
int qstrncmp (const char *str1, const char *str2, size_t len)
char * qstrncpy (char *dst, const char *src, size_t len)
int qstrnicmp (const char *str1, const char *str2, size_t len)
size_t qstrnlen (const char *str, size_t maxlen)
QByteArray qUncompress (const QByteArray &data)
QByteArray qUncompress (const uchar *data, qsizetype nbytes)
int qvsnprintf (char *str, size_t n, const char *fmt, va_list ap)
reverse_iterator rbegin ()
const_reverse_iterator rbegin () const const
QByteArrayremove (qsizetype pos, qsizetype len)
QByteArrayremoveAt (qsizetype pos)
QByteArrayremoveFirst ()
QByteArrayremoveIf (Predicate pred)
QByteArrayremoveLast ()
reverse_iterator rend ()
const_reverse_iterator rend () const const
QByteArray repeated (qsizetype times) const const
QByteArrayreplace (char before, char after)
QByteArrayreplace (char before, QByteArrayView after)
QByteArrayreplace (const char *before, qsizetype bsize, const char *after, qsizetype asize)
QByteArrayreplace (QByteArrayView before, QByteArrayView after)
QByteArrayreplace (qsizetype pos, qsizetype len, const char *after, qsizetype alen)
QByteArrayreplace (qsizetype pos, qsizetype len, QByteArrayView after)
void reserve (qsizetype size)
void resize (qsizetype newSize, char c)
void resize (qsizetype size)
QByteArray right (qsizetype len) const const
QByteArray rightJustified (qsizetype width, char fill, bool truncate) const const
QByteArraysetNum (double n, char format, int precision)
QByteArraysetNum (float n, char format, int precision)
QByteArraysetNum (int n, int base)
QByteArraysetNum (long n, int base)
QByteArraysetNum (qlonglong n, int base)
QByteArraysetNum (qulonglong n, int base)
QByteArraysetNum (short n, int base)
QByteArraysetNum (uint n, int base)
QByteArraysetNum (ulong n, int base)
QByteArraysetNum (ushort n, int base)
QByteArraysetRawData (const char *data, qsizetype size)
void shrink_to_fit ()
QByteArray simplified () const const
qsizetype size () const const
QByteArray sliced (qsizetype pos) const const
QByteArray sliced (qsizetype pos, qsizetype n) const const
QList< QByteArraysplit (char sep) const const
void squeeze ()
bool startsWith (char ch) const const
bool startsWith (QByteArrayView bv) const const
void swap (QByteArray &other)
QByteArray toBase64 (Base64Options options) const const
CFDataRef toCFData () const const
double toDouble (bool *ok) const const
emscripten::val toEcmaUint8Array ()
float toFloat (bool *ok) const const
QByteArray toHex (char separator) const const
int toInt (bool *ok, int base) const const
long toLong (bool *ok, int base) const const
qlonglong toLongLong (bool *ok, int base) const const
QByteArray toLower () const const
NSData * toNSData () const const
QByteArray toPercentEncoding (const QByteArray &exclude, const QByteArray &include, char percent) const const
CFDataRef toRawCFData () const const
NSData * toRawNSData () const const
short toShort (bool *ok, int base) const const
std::string toStdString () const const
uint toUInt (bool *ok, int base) const const
ulong toULong (bool *ok, int base) const const
qulonglong toULongLong (bool *ok, int base) const const
QByteArray toUpper () const const
ushort toUShort (bool *ok, int base) const const
QByteArray trimmed () const const
void truncate (qsizetype pos)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from QByteArray
enum  Base64Option
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from QByteArray
QByteArray fromBase64 (const QByteArray &base64, Base64Options options)
FromBase64Result fromBase64Encoding (const QByteArray &base64, Base64Options options)
FromBase64Result fromBase64Encoding (QByteArray &&base64, Base64Options options)
QByteArray fromCFData (CFDataRef data)
QByteArray fromEcmaUint8Array (emscripten::val uint8array)
QByteArray fromHex (const QByteArray &hexEncoded)
QByteArray fromNSData (const NSData *data)
QByteArray fromPercentEncoding (const QByteArray &input, char percent)
QByteArray fromRawCFData (CFDataRef data)
QByteArray fromRawData (const char *data, qsizetype size)
QByteArray fromRawNSData (const NSData *data)
QByteArray fromStdString (const std::string &str)
QByteArray number (double n, char format, int precision)
QByteArray number (int n, int base)
QByteArray number (long n, int base)
QByteArray number (qlonglong n, int base)
QByteArray number (qulonglong n, int base)
QByteArray number (uint n, int base)
QByteArray number (ulong n, int base)
- Public Attributes inherited from QByteArray
typedef Base64Options
typedef const_reverse_iterator
typedef reverse_iterator

Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file kwalletbackend.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MD5Digest() [1/3]

KWallet::MD5Digest::MD5Digest ( )

Definition at line 34 of file kwalletbackend.h.

◆ MD5Digest() [2/3]

KWallet::MD5Digest::MD5Digest ( const char * data)

Definition at line 38 of file kwalletbackend.h.

◆ MD5Digest() [3/3]

KWallet::MD5Digest::MD5Digest ( const QByteArray & digest)

Definition at line 42 of file kwalletbackend.h.

◆ ~MD5Digest()

virtual KWallet::MD5Digest::~MD5Digest ( )

Definition at line 46 of file kwalletbackend.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator<()

int KWallet::MD5Digest::operator< ( const MD5Digest & r) const

Definition at line 50 of file kwalletbackend.h.

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