KLineEditEventHandler Namespace Reference


void catchReturnKey (QObject *lineEdit)
void handleUrlDrops (QObject *lineEdit)

Detailed Description

Event-handling utilities for QLineEdit instances.


Function Documentation

◆ catchReturnKey()

void KLineEditEventHandler::catchReturnKey ( QObject * lineEdit)

Do not propagate Return or Enter key presses in line edits.

QLineEdit::returnPressed() will still be emitted as normal, but the key event isn't propagated further up the widget hierarchy. This is useful to prevent closing a dialog for example.

Definition at line 50 of file klineediteventhandler.cpp.

◆ handleUrlDrops()

void KLineEditEventHandler::handleUrlDrops ( QObject * lineEdit)

Handle drop events with URLs and replace the current line edit with the dropped URL.

Definition at line 57 of file klineediteventhandler.cpp.

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