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 CKAcceleratorManagerKDE Accelerator manager
 CKActionMenuA KActionMenu is an action that provides a sub-menu of other actions
 CKActionSelectorA widget for selecting and arranging actions/objects
 CKAnimatedButtonAn extended version of QToolButton which can display an animation
 CKAssistantDialogThis class provides a framework for assistant dialogs
 CKBusyIndicatorWidgetRotating spinning icon to indicate busyness
 CKCapacityBarThis widget shows a bar which is filled to show the level of usage of a certain device
 CKCharSelectCharacter selection widget
 CKCollapsibleGroupBoxA groupbox featuring a clickable header and arrow indicator that can be expanded and collapsed to reveal the contents
 CKColorButtonA pushbutton to display or allow user selection of a color
 CKColorComboCombobox for colors
 CKColumnResizerMaintains consistent column sizes across layouts
 CKCursorSet of static convenience methods for auto-hiding cursors on widgets
 CKDateComboBoxA combobox for dates
 CKDatePickerA date selection widget
 CKDatePickerPopupThis menu helps the user to select a date quickly
 CKDateTimeEditA widget for editing date and time
 CKDragWidgetDecoratorA decorator which adds drag-support to widgets
 CKDragWidgetDecoratorBaseA decorator which adds drag-support to widgets
 CKDualActionAn action which can alternate between two texts/icons when triggered
 CKEditListWidgetAn editable listbox
 CCustomEditorCustom editor class
 CKFontActionAn action to select a font family
 CKFontChooserA font selection widget
 CKFontChooserDialogA font selection dialog
 CKFontRequesterThis class provides a widget with a lineedit and a button, which invokes a font dialog (KFontChooserDialog)
 CKFontSizeActionAn action to allow changing of the font size
 CKGradientSelectorAllows the user to choose from a one-dimensional range of colors which is given as a gradient between two colors provided by the programmer
 CKGuiItemAn abstract class for setting the text, icon, tooltip and WhatsThis data on a GUI item (e.g. a QPushButton)
 CKLedAn LED widget
 CKLineEditUrlDropEventFilterThis class provides an event filter that can be installed on a QLineEdit or a subclass of it (KLineEdit) to make it handle URL drop events so when a URL is dropped it replaces the existing content
 CKMessageDialogKMessageDialog creates a message box similar to the ones you get from KMessageBox, but that can be used asynchronously, i.e
 CKMessageWidgetA widget to provide feedback or propose opportunistic interactions
 CKMimeTypeChooserThis widget provides a checkable list of all available MIME types, presented as a treeview, with the MIME type comment and glob patterns as individual columns
 CKMimeTypeChooserDialogA dialog to select MIME types from the list of available ones on the system
 CKMultiTabBarA Widget for horizontal and vertical tabs
 CKMultiTabBarButtonUse KMultiTabBar::appendButton to append a button, which creates a KMultiTabBarButton instance
 CKMultiTabBarTabUse KMultiTabBar::appendTab to append a tab, which creates a KMultiTabBarTab instance
 CKNewPasswordDialogA password input dialog
 CKNewPasswordWidgetA password input widget
 CKPageDialogA dialog base class which can handle multiple pages
 CKPageModelA base class for a model used by KPageView
 CKPageViewA base class which can handle multiple pages
 CKPageWidgetPage widget with many layouts (faces)
 CKPageWidgetItemKPageWidgetItem is used by KPageWidget and represents a page
 CKPageWidgetModelThis page model is used by KPageWidget to provide a hierarchical layout of pages
 CKPasswordDialogA dialog for requesting a password and optionally a login from the end user
 CKPasswordLineEditA lineedit which allows to display password
 CKPixmapRegionSelectorDialogA dialog that uses a KPixmapRegionSelectorWidget to allow the user to select a region of an image
 CKPixmapRegionSelectorWidgetKPixmapRegionSelectorWidget is a widget that shows a picture and provides the user with a friendly way to select a rectangular subregion of the pixmap
 CKPixmapSequenceLoads and gives access to the frames of a typical multi-row pixmap as often used for spinners
 CKPixmapSequenceOverlayPainterPaints a KPixmapSequence on top of any widget at any position
 CKPixmapSequenceWidgetA simple widget showing a fixed size pixmap sequence
 CKPopupFrameFrame with popup menu behavior
 CKRatingPainterUtility class that draws a row of stars for a rating value
 CKRatingWidgetDisplays a rating value as a row of pixmaps
 CKRecentFilesMenuA menu that offers a set of recent files
 CKRulerA ruler widget
 CKSelectActionAction for selecting one of several items
 CKSelectorKSelector is the base class for other widgets which provides the ability to choose from a one-dimensional range of values
 CKSeparatorStandard horizontal or vertical separator
 CKSplitterCollapserButtonA button which appears on the side of a splitter handle and allows easy collapsing of the widget on the opposite side
 CKSqueezedTextLabelA replacement for QLabel that squeezes its text into the label
 CKTimeComboBoxA combobox for times
 CKTitleWidgetStandard title widget
 CKToggleActionCheckbox like action
 CKToggleFullScreenActionAn action for switching between to/from full screen mode
 CKToolBarLabelActionClass to display a label in a toolbar
 CKToolBarPopupActionThis action is a normal action everywhere, except in a toolbar where it also has a popupmenu (optionally delayed)
 CKToolBarSpacerActionAn extension to QAction which allows for adding a spacer item into a QToolBar / KToolBar
 CKToolTipWidgetA tooltip that contains a QWidget
 CKTwoFingerSwipeA two finger swipe gesture
 CKTwoFingerSwipeRecognizerThe recognizer for a two finger swipe gesture
 CKTwoFingerTapA two finger tap gesture
 CKTwoFingerTapRecognizerThe recognizer for a two finger tap gesture
 CKUrlLabelA drop-in replacement for QLabel that displays hyperlinks
 CKViewStateSerializerObject for saving and restoring state in QTreeViews and QItemSelectionModels
 CKXYSelectorKXYSelector is the base class for other widgets which provides the ability to choose from a two-dimensional range of values
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