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KPixmapSequenceOverlayPainter Class Reference

#include <KPixmapSequenceOverlayPainter>

Inheritance diagram for KPixmapSequenceOverlayPainter:

Public Slots

void setAlignment (Qt::Alignment align)
void setInterval (int msecs)
void setOffset (const QPoint &offset)
void setRect (const QRect &rect)
void setSequence (const KPixmapSequence &seq)
void setWidget (QWidget *w)
void start ()
void stop ()

Public Member Functions

 KPixmapSequenceOverlayPainter (QObject *parent=nullptr)
 KPixmapSequenceOverlayPainter (const KPixmapSequence &seq, QObject *parent=nullptr)
 ~KPixmapSequenceOverlayPainter () override
Qt::Alignment alignment () const
int interval () const
QPoint offset () const
QRect rect () const
KPixmapSequence sequence () const
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 QObject (QObject *parent)
bool blockSignals (bool block)
const QObjectListchildren () const const
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void deleteLater ()
void destroyed (QObject *obj)
bool disconnect (const char *signal, const QObject *receiver, const char *method) const const
bool disconnect (const QObject *receiver, const char *method) const const
void dumpObjectInfo ()
void dumpObjectInfo () const const
void dumpObjectTree ()
void dumpObjectTree () const const
QList< QByteArraydynamicPropertyNames () const const
virtual bool event (QEvent *e)
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virtual const QMetaObjectmetaObject () const const
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QString objectName () const const
void objectNameChanged (const QString &objectName)
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bool signalsBlocked () const const
int startTimer (int interval, Qt::TimerType timerType)
int startTimer (std::chrono::milliseconds time, Qt::TimerType timerType)
QThreadthread () const const

Protected Member Functions

bool eventFilter (QObject *obj, QEvent *event) override
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virtual void childEvent (QChildEvent *event)
virtual void connectNotify (const QMetaMethod &signal)
virtual void customEvent (QEvent *event)
virtual void disconnectNotify (const QMetaMethod &signal)
bool isSignalConnected (const QMetaMethod &signal) const const
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QObjectsender () const const
int senderSignalIndex () const const
virtual void timerEvent (QTimerEvent *event)

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bool disconnect (const QObject *sender, const char *signal, const QObject *receiver, const char *method)
bool disconnect (const QObject *sender, PointerToMemberFunction signal, const QObject *receiver, PointerToMemberFunction method)
bool disconnect (const QObject *sender, const QMetaMethod &signal, const QObject *receiver, const QMetaMethod &method)
QString tr (const char *sourceText, const char *disambiguation, int n)
QString trUtf8 (const char *sourceText, const char *disambiguation, int n)
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typedef QObjectList

Detailed Description

Paints a KPixmapSequence on top of any widget at any position.

The KPixmapSequenceOverlayPainter paints an overlay on top of an arbitrary QWidget using a KPixmapSequence. This is typically used for spinners indicating that a process is not finished yet.

Sebastian Trueg trueg[email protected]@kde[email protected].org

Definition at line 34 of file kpixmapsequenceoverlaypainter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KPixmapSequenceOverlayPainter::KPixmapSequenceOverlayPainter ( QObject parent = nullptr)


Definition at line 106 of file kpixmapsequenceoverlaypainter.cpp.

KPixmapSequenceOverlayPainter::~KPixmapSequenceOverlayPainter ( )


Definition at line 121 of file kpixmapsequenceoverlaypainter.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

Qt::Alignment KPixmapSequenceOverlayPainter::alignment ( ) const

The alignment of the pixmaps in the rect.

See also

Definition at line 147 of file kpixmapsequenceoverlaypainter.cpp.

int KPixmapSequenceOverlayPainter::interval ( ) const

The interval between frames.

See also

Definition at line 131 of file kpixmapsequenceoverlaypainter.cpp.

QPoint KPixmapSequenceOverlayPainter::offset ( ) const

The optional offset within the rect.

See also

Definition at line 152 of file kpixmapsequenceoverlaypainter.cpp.

QRect KPixmapSequenceOverlayPainter::rect ( ) const

The optional rect to draw the pixmaps in.

See also

Definition at line 136 of file kpixmapsequenceoverlaypainter.cpp.

KPixmapSequence KPixmapSequenceOverlayPainter::sequence ( ) const

The sequence used to draw the overlay.

See also

Definition at line 126 of file kpixmapsequenceoverlaypainter.cpp.

void KPixmapSequenceOverlayPainter::setAlignment ( Qt::Alignment  align)

Set the alignment of the sequence in rect.

alignalignment of the overlay. Qt::AlignJustify does not make sense here. Defaults to Qt::Center.

Definition at line 188 of file kpixmapsequenceoverlaypainter.cpp.

void KPixmapSequenceOverlayPainter::setInterval ( int  msecs)

Set the interval between frames.

The default is 200.

Definition at line 167 of file kpixmapsequenceoverlaypainter.cpp.

void KPixmapSequenceOverlayPainter::setOffset ( const QPoint offset)

Set the offset relative to the placement determined by alignment and rect.

offsetAn optional offset which allows an absolute placement.

Defaults to an empty point.

Definition at line 198 of file kpixmapsequenceoverlaypainter.cpp.

void KPixmapSequenceOverlayPainter::setRect ( const QRect rect)

Set the rect in which to place the sequence.

Be aware that this optional property does not scale the pixmaps (except if it is smaller) but allows to change the placement.

rectThe rect in which to draw the pixmap using alignment and offset. Be aware that setting a rect bigger than the widget can lead to weird painting errors.

Defaults to the widget's rect.

Definition at line 178 of file kpixmapsequenceoverlaypainter.cpp.

void KPixmapSequenceOverlayPainter::setSequence ( const KPixmapSequence seq)

Set the sequence to be used.

By default the KDE busy sequence is used.

Definition at line 157 of file kpixmapsequenceoverlaypainter.cpp.

void KPixmapSequenceOverlayPainter::setWidget ( QWidget w)

Set the widget to draw the overlay on.

Definition at line 172 of file kpixmapsequenceoverlaypainter.cpp.

void KPixmapSequenceOverlayPainter::start ( )

Start drawing the sequence.

The overlay will be drawn until a call to stop()

Definition at line 208 of file kpixmapsequenceoverlaypainter.cpp.

void KPixmapSequenceOverlayPainter::stop ( )

Stop drawing the overlay.

Definition at line 223 of file kpixmapsequenceoverlaypainter.cpp.

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