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 NModemManagerThis namespace allows to query the underlying system to discover the available modem interfaces responsibility to notify when a modem interface or a modem appears or disappears
 CBearerThe Bearer class
 CBearerPropertiesThis class represents bearer properties used for creating of new bearers
 CCallProvides an interface to manipulate and control a call
 CIpConfigThis class represents IP configuration
 CModemThe Modem class
 CModem3gppThe Modem3gpp class
 CModem3gppUssdThe Modem3gppUssd class
 CModemCdmaThe ModemCdma class
 CModemFirmwareThe ModemFirmware class
 CModemLocationThe ModemLocation class
 CModemMessagingThe ModemMessaging class
 CModemOmaThe ModemManager Open Mobile Alliance interface
 CModemSignalThe ModemSignal class
 CModemSimpleThe ModemSimple class
 CModemTimeThe ModemTime class
 CModemVoiceThe ModemVoice class
 CNetworkTimezoneThis class represents the timezone data provided by the network
 CSimThe Sim class
 CSmsProvides an interface to manipulate and control an SMS
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