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Solid::Ifaces::GenericInterface Class Referenceabstract

#include <genericinterface.h>

Inherited by Solid::Backends::Fake::FakeGenericInterface, Solid::Backends::Hal::GenericInterface [virtual], Solid::Backends::IOKit::GenericInterface [virtual], Solid::Backends::UDev::GenericInterface [virtual], Solid::Backends::UDisks2::GenericInterface [virtual], Solid::Backends::UPower::GenericInterface [virtual], and Solid::Backends::Win::WinGenericInterface [virtual].

Public Member Functions

virtual ~GenericInterface ()
virtual QMap< QString, QVariantallProperties () const =0
virtual QVariant property (const QString &key) const =0
virtual bool propertyExists (const QString &key) const =0

Protected Member Functions

virtual void conditionRaised (const QString &condition, const QString &reason)=0
virtual void propertyChanged (const QMap< QString, int > &changes)=0

Detailed Description

Generic interface to deal with a device.

It exposes a set of properties and is organized a a key/value set.

Warning: Using this class could expose some backend specific details and lead to non portable code. Use it at your own risk, or during transitional phases when the provided device interfaces don't provide the necessary methods.

Definition at line 28 of file ifaces/genericinterface.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Solid::Ifaces::GenericInterface::~GenericInterface ( )

Destroys a GenericInterface object.

Definition at line 9 of file ifaces/genericinterface.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual QMap<QString, QVariant> Solid::Ifaces::GenericInterface::allProperties ( ) const
pure virtual

Retrieves all the properties of this device.

all properties in a map
virtual void Solid::Ifaces::GenericInterface::conditionRaised ( const QString condition,
const QString reason 
protectedpure virtual

This signal is emitted when an event occurred in the device.

For example when a button is pressed.

conditionthe condition name
reasona message explaining why the condition has been raised
virtual QVariant Solid::Ifaces::GenericInterface::property ( const QString key) const
pure virtual

Retrieves the value of a property.

keythe property name
the property value or QVariant() if the property doesn't exist
virtual void Solid::Ifaces::GenericInterface::propertyChanged ( const QMap< QString, int > &  changes)
protectedpure virtual

This signal is emitted when a property is changed in the device.

changesthe map describing the property changes that occurred in the device, keys are property name and values describe the kind of change done on the device property (added/removed/modified), it's one of the type Solid::Device::PropertyChange
virtual bool Solid::Ifaces::GenericInterface::propertyExists ( const QString key) const
pure virtual

Tests if a property exist.

keythe property name
true if the property exists in this device, false otherwise

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