Solid::Ifaces::StorageDrive Class Referenceabstract

#include <storagedrive.h>

Inheritance diagram for Solid::Ifaces::StorageDrive:

Public Member Functions

virtual ~StorageDrive ()
virtual Solid::StorageDrive::Bus bus () const =0
virtual Solid::StorageDrive::DriveType driveType () const =0
virtual bool isHotpluggable () const =0
virtual bool isRemovable () const =0
virtual qulonglong size () const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from Solid::Ifaces::Block
virtual ~Block ()
virtual QString device () const =0
virtual int deviceMajor () const =0
virtual int deviceMinor () const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from Solid::Ifaces::DeviceInterface
virtual ~DeviceInterface ()

Detailed Description

This device interface is available on storage devices.

A storage is anything that can contain a set of volumes (card reader, hard disk, cdrom drive...). It's a particular kind of block device.

Definition at line 23 of file ifaces/storagedrive.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Solid::Ifaces::StorageDrive::~StorageDrive ( )

Destroys a StorageDrive object.

Definition at line 9 of file ifaces/storagedrive.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual Solid::StorageDrive::Bus Solid::Ifaces::StorageDrive::bus ( ) const
pure virtual

Retrieves the type of physical interface this storage device is connected to.

the bus type
See also
virtual Solid::StorageDrive::DriveType Solid::Ifaces::StorageDrive::driveType ( ) const
pure virtual

Retrieves the type of this storage drive.

the drive type
See also
virtual bool Solid::Ifaces::StorageDrive::isHotpluggable ( ) const
pure virtual

Indicates if this storage device can be plugged or unplugged while the computer is running.

true if this storage supports hotplug, false otherwise
virtual bool Solid::Ifaces::StorageDrive::isRemovable ( ) const
pure virtual

Indicates if the media contained by this drive can be removed.

For example memory card can be removed from the drive by the user, while partitions can't be removed from hard disks.

true if media can be removed, false otherwise.
virtual qulonglong Solid::Ifaces::StorageDrive::size ( ) const
pure virtual

Retrieves this drives size in bytes.

the size of this drive

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