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Sonnet::GuessLanguage Class Reference

#include <Sonnet/GuessLanguage>

Public Member Functions

 GuessLanguage ()
 GuessLanguage (const GuessLanguage &)=delete
 ~GuessLanguage ()
QString identify (const QString &text, const QStringList &suggestions=QStringList()) const
GuessLanguageoperator= (const GuessLanguage &)=delete
void setLimits (int maxItems, double minConfidence)

Detailed Description

GuessLanguage determines the language of a given text.

GuessLanguage can determine the difference between ~75 languages for a given string. It is based off a Perl script originally written by Maciej Ceglowski called Languid. His script used a 2 part heuristic to determine language. First the text is checked for the scripts it contains, then for each set of languages using those scripts a n-gram frequency model of a given language is compared to a model of the text. The most similar language model is assumed to be the language. If no language is found an empty string is returned.

Jacob Rideout

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GuessLanguage()

Sonnet::GuessLanguage::GuessLanguage ( )

Constructor Creates a new GuessLanguage instance.

If text is specified, it sets the text to be checked.

textthe text that is to be checked

Definition at line 543 of file guesslanguage.cpp.

◆ ~GuessLanguage()

Sonnet::GuessLanguage::~GuessLanguage ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ identify()

QString Sonnet::GuessLanguage::identify ( const QString & text,
const QStringList & suggestions = QStringList() ) const

Returns the 2 digit ISO 639-1 code for the language of the currently set text and.

Three digits are returned only in the case where a 2 digit code does not exist. If text isn't empty, set the text to checked.

textto be identified
list of the presumed languages of the text, sorted by decreasing confidence. Empty list means it is impossible to determine language with confidence required by setLimits

Definition at line 550 of file guesslanguage.cpp.

◆ setLimits()

void Sonnet::GuessLanguage::setLimits ( int maxItems,
double minConfidence )

Sets limits to number of languages returned by identify().

The confidence for each language is computed as difference between this and next language on the list normalized to 0-1 range. Reasonable value to get fairly sure result is 0.1 . Default is returning best guess without caring about confidence - exactly as after call to setLimits(1,0).

maxItemsThe list returned by identify() will never have more than maxItems item
minConfidenceThe list will have only enough items for their summary confidence equal or exceed minConfidence.

Definition at line 618 of file guesslanguage.cpp.

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