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Akonadi::Server::ColumnDescription Class Reference

#include <schematypes.h>

Public Types

enum  ReferentialAction { Cascade , Restrict , SetNull }

Public Attributes

bool allowNull = true
QString defaultValue
QMap< QString, int > enumValueMap
bool isAutoIncrement = false
bool isEnum = false
bool isPrimaryKey = false
bool isUnique = false
QString name
bool noUpdate = false
ReferentialAction onDelete = Cascade
ReferentialAction onUpdate = Cascade
QString refColumn
QString refTable
int size = -1
QString type

Detailed Description

A helper class that describes a column of a table for the DbInitializer.

Definition at line 22 of file schematypes.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ ReferentialAction

enum Akonadi::Server::ColumnDescription::ReferentialAction

Definition at line 25 of file schematypes.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ allowNull

bool Akonadi::Server::ColumnDescription::allowNull = true

Definition at line 34 of file schematypes.h.

◆ defaultValue

QString Akonadi::Server::ColumnDescription::defaultValue

Definition at line 41 of file schematypes.h.

◆ enumValueMap

QMap<QString, int> Akonadi::Server::ColumnDescription::enumValueMap

Definition at line 46 of file schematypes.h.

◆ isAutoIncrement

bool Akonadi::Server::ColumnDescription::isAutoIncrement = false

Definition at line 35 of file schematypes.h.

◆ isEnum

bool Akonadi::Server::ColumnDescription::isEnum = false

Definition at line 38 of file schematypes.h.

◆ isPrimaryKey

bool Akonadi::Server::ColumnDescription::isPrimaryKey = false

Definition at line 36 of file schematypes.h.

◆ isUnique

bool Akonadi::Server::ColumnDescription::isUnique = false

Definition at line 37 of file schematypes.h.

◆ name

QString Akonadi::Server::ColumnDescription::name

Definition at line 31 of file schematypes.h.

◆ noUpdate

bool Akonadi::Server::ColumnDescription::noUpdate = false

Definition at line 44 of file schematypes.h.

◆ onDelete

ReferentialAction Akonadi::Server::ColumnDescription::onDelete = Cascade

Definition at line 43 of file schematypes.h.

◆ onUpdate

ReferentialAction Akonadi::Server::ColumnDescription::onUpdate = Cascade

Definition at line 42 of file schematypes.h.

◆ refColumn

QString Akonadi::Server::ColumnDescription::refColumn

Definition at line 40 of file schematypes.h.

◆ refTable

QString Akonadi::Server::ColumnDescription::refTable

Definition at line 39 of file schematypes.h.

◆ size

int Akonadi::Server::ColumnDescription::size = -1

Definition at line 33 of file schematypes.h.

◆ type

QString Akonadi::Server::ColumnDescription::type

Definition at line 32 of file schematypes.h.

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