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 CAkonadi::AbstractDifferencesReporterAn interface to report differences between two arbitrary objects
 CAkonadi::Server::AbstractSearchEngineAbstract interface for search engines
 CAkonadi::AbstractSearchPlugin3rd party applications can install a search plugin for Akonadi server to provide access to their search capability
 CAkonadi::AgentInstanceA representation of an agent instance
 CAkonadi::AgentSearchInterfaceAn interface for agents (or resources) that support searching in their backend
 CAkonadi::AgentTypeA representation of an agent type
 CAkonadi::AttributeProvides interface for custom attributes for Entity
 CAkonadi::AttributeFactoryProvides the functionality of registering and creating arbitrary entity attributes
 CAkonadi::Server::_detail::ById< Op >
 CAkonadi::Server::CacheCleanerInhibitorA RAII helper class to temporarily stop the CacheCleaner
 CAkonadi::CachePolicyRepresents the caching policy for a collection
 CAkonadi::ChangeNotificationEmitted by Monitor::debugNotification() signal
 CAkonadi::CollectionRepresents a collection of PIM items
 CAkonadi::CollectionFetchScopeSpecifies which parts of a collection should be fetched from the Akonadi storage
 CAkonadi::CollectionPropertiesPageFactoryA factory class for collection properties dialog pages
 CAkonadi::CollectionStatisticsProvides statistics information of a Collection
 CAkonadi::Server::CollectionStatisticsProvides cache for collection statistics
 CAkonadi::Server::ColumnDescriptionA helper class that describes a column of a table for the DbInitializer
 CAkonadi::Server::Query::ConditionRepresents a WHERE condition tree
 CAkonadi::Server::DataDescriptionA helper class that describes the predefined data of a table for the DbInitializer
 CAkonadi::Server::DbConfigA base class that provides an unique access layer to configuration and initialization of different database backends
 CAkonadi::Server::DbDeadlockCatcherThis class catches DbDeadlockException (as emitted by QueryBuilder) and retries execution of the method when it happens, as required by SQL databases
 CAkonadi::Server::DbInitializerA helper class which takes a reference to a database object and the file name of a template file and initializes the database according to the rules in the template file
 CAkonadi::Server::DbIntrospectorMethods for introspecting the current state of a database schema
 CAkonadi::DifferencesAlgorithmInterfaceAn interface to find out differences between two Akonadi objects
 CAkonadi::Server::EntityBase class for classes representing database records
 CAkonadi::ExceptionBase class for exceptions used by the Akonadi library
 CAkonadi::Server::ExceptionBase class for exception used internally by the Akonadi server
 CAkonadi::Server::DbIntrospector::ForeignKeyA structure describing an existing foreign key
 CAkonadi::GidExtractorInterfaceAn interface to extract the GID of an object contained in an akonadi item
 CAkonadi::Server::HandlerThe handler interfaces describes an entity capable of handling an AkonadiIMAP command
 CAkonadi::Server::HandlerHelperHelper functions for command handlers
 CAkonadi::Server::IndexDescriptionA helper class that describes indexes of a table for the DbInitializer
 CAkTraits::detail::isAppendable< T >Matches anything that is a container and has push_back() method
 CAkTraits::detail::isContainer< T >This is a very incomplete set of Container named requirement, but I'm too lazy to implement all of them, but this should be good enough to match regular Qt containers and /not/ match arbitrary non-container types
 CAkTraits::detail::isInsertable< T >Matches anything that is a container and has insert() method
 CAkTraits::detail::isReservable< T >Matches anything that is a container and has reserve() method
 CAkonadi::ItemRepresents a PIM item stored in Akonadi storage
 CAkonadi::ItemFetchScopeSpecifies which parts of an item should be fetched from the Akonadi storage
 CAkonadi::ItemMonitorA convenience class to monitor a single item for changes
 CAkonadi::Server::ItemRetrievalRequestDetails of a single item retrieval request
 CAkonadi::ItemSerializerPluginThe base class for item type serializer plugins
 CAkonadi::MimeTypeCheckerHelper for checking MIME types of Collections and Items
 CAkonadi::Server::NotificationCollectorPart of the DataStore, collects change notifications and emits them after the current transaction has been successfully committed
 CAkonadi::AgentBase::ObserverThe interface for reacting on monitored or replayed changes
 CQDBusContext [external]
 CQObject [external]
 CQPaintDevice [external]
 CAkonadi::Server::QueryBuilderHelper class to construct arbitrary SQL queries
 CAkonadi::RelationAn Akonadi Relation
 CAkonadi::Server::RelationDescriptionA helper class that describes the relation between two tables for the DbInitializer
 CAkonadi::Server::SchemaMethods to access the desired database schema (
 CAkonadi::SearchQueryA query that can be passed to ItemSearchJob or others
 CAkonadi::SearchTermSearch term represents the actual condition within query
 CAkonadi::SuperClassTrait< Super, typename >
 CAkonadi::SuperClassTrait< Class >
 CAkonadi::Server::TableDescriptionA helper class that describes a table for the DbInitializer
 CAkonadi::TagAn Akonadi Tag
 CAkonadi::TagFetchScopeSpecifies which parts of a tag should be fetched from the Akonadi storage
 CAkonadi::Server::TracerInterfaceThis interface can be reimplemented to deliver tracing information of the akonadi server to the outside
 CAkonadi::Server::TransactionHelper class for DataStore transaction handling
 CAkonadi::TransportResourceBaseResource implementing mail transport capability
 CAkonadi::Server::UpdateSetA helper class that contains an update set
 CAkonadi::XmlDocumentRepresents a document of the KNUT XML serialization format for Akonadi objects
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