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Akonadi::Server::SelectQueryBuilder< T > Class Template Reference

#include <selectquerybuilder.h>

Inheritance diagram for Akonadi::Server::SelectQueryBuilder< T >:

Public Member Functions

 SelectQueryBuilder ()
 SelectQueryBuilder (DataStore *store)
QList< T > result ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Akonadi::Server::QueryBuilder
 QueryBuilder (const QSqlQuery &tableQuery, const QString &tableQueryAlias)
 QueryBuilder (const QString &table, QueryType type=Select)
 QueryBuilder (DataStore *store, const QSqlQuery &tableQuery, const QString &tableQueryAlias)
 QueryBuilder (DataStore *store, const QString &table, QueryType type=Select)
void addAggregation (const QString &col, const QString &aggregate)
void addAggregation (const Query::Case &caseStmt, const QString &aggregate)
void addColumn (const QString &col)
void addColumn (const Query::Case &caseStmt)
void addColumnCondition (const QString &column, Query::CompareOperator op, const QString &column2, ConditionType type=WhereCondition)
void addColumns (const QStringList &cols)
void addCondition (const Query::Condition &condition, ConditionType type=WhereCondition)
void addGroupColumn (const QString &column)
void addGroupColumns (const QStringList &columns)
void addJoin (JoinType joinType, const QString &table, const QString &col1, const QString &col2)
void addJoin (JoinType joinType, const QString &table, const Query::Condition &condition)
void addSortColumn (const QString &column, Query::SortOrder order=Query::Ascending)
void addValueCondition (const QString &column, Query::CompareOperator op, const QList< qint64 > &value, ConditionType type=WhereCondition)
void addValueCondition (const QString &column, Query::CompareOperator op, const QVariant &value, ConditionType type=WhereCondition)
bool exec ()
QString getTable () const
QString getTableWithColumn (const QString &column) const
qint64 insertId ()
QSqlQueryquery ()
void setColumnValue (const QString &column, const QVariant &value)
void setDatabaseType (DbType::Type type)
void setDistinct (bool distinct)
void setForUpdate (bool forUpdate=true)
void setIdentificationColumn (const QString &column)
void setLimit (int limit, int offset=-1)
void setSubQueryMode (Query::LogicOperator op, ConditionType type=WhereCondition)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Akonadi::Server::QueryBuilder
enum  ConditionType { WhereCondition , HavingCondition , NUM_CONDITIONS }
enum  JoinType { InnerJoin , LeftJoin }
enum  QueryType { Select , Insert , Update , Delete }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Akonadi::Server::QueryBuilder
DataStoredataStore () const

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class Akonadi::Server::SelectQueryBuilder< T >

Helper class for creating and executing database SELECT queries.

Definition at line 19 of file selectquerybuilder.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SelectQueryBuilder() [1/2]

template<typename T >
Akonadi::Server::SelectQueryBuilder< T >::SelectQueryBuilder ( )

Creates a new query builder.

Definition at line 25 of file selectquerybuilder.h.

◆ SelectQueryBuilder() [2/2]

template<typename T >
Akonadi::Server::SelectQueryBuilder< T >::SelectQueryBuilder ( DataStore * store)

Definition at line 30 of file selectquerybuilder.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ result()

template<typename T >
QList< T > Akonadi::Server::SelectQueryBuilder< T >::result ( )

Returns the result of this SELECT query.

Definition at line 39 of file selectquerybuilder.h.

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