Akonadi::TrashSettings Namespace Reference


AKONADICORE_EXPORT Collection getTrashCollection (const QString &resource)
AKONADICORE_EXPORT void setTrashCollection (const QString &resource, const Collection &collection)

Detailed Description

Global Trash-related Settings.

All settings concerning the trashhandling should go here.

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Function Documentation

◆ getTrashCollection()

Akonadi::Collection Akonadi::TrashSettings::getTrashCollection ( const QString & resource)

Get the trash collection for the given resource.

Definition at line 18 of file trashsettings.cpp.

◆ setTrashCollection()

void Akonadi::TrashSettings::setTrashCollection ( const QString & resource,
const Collection & collection )

Set the trash collection for the given resource which is then used by the TrashJob.

Definition at line 27 of file trashsettings.cpp.

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