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 CAttendeeComboBoxDelegateClass to show a Icon and Text for an Attendee you have to set the Items via addItem to have a list to choose from
 CAttendeeLineEditDelegateShow a AttendeeLineEdit as editor
 CCombinedIncidenceEditorThe CombinedIncidenceEditor combines optional widgets with zero or more IncidenceEditors
 CConflictResolverTakes a list of attendees and event info (e.g., min time start, max time end) fetches their freebusy information, then identifies conflicts and periods of non-conflict
 CEditorConfigConfiguration details
 CEditorItemManagerHelper class for creating dialogs that let the user create and edit the payload of Akonadi items (e.g
 CFreeBusyGanttProxyModelThis is a private proxy model, that wraps the free busy data exposed by the FreeBusyItemModel for use by KDGantt2
 CIncidenceDefaultsThe IncidenceDefaults class
 CIncidenceDescriptionThe IncidenceDescriptionEditor keeps track of the following Incidence parts:
 CIncidenceDialogThe IncidenceDialog class
 CIncidenceEditorKCal Incidences are complicated objects
 CIncidenceEditorSettingsThe IncidenceEditorSettings class
 CIncidenceWhatWhereThe IncidenceWhatWhere editor keeps track of the following Incidence parts:
 CKOrganizerEditorConfigThe KOrganizerEditorConfig class
 CKTimeZoneComboBoxA combobox that shows the system timezones available in QTimeZone and provides methods to easily select the item corresponding to a given QTimeZone or to retrieve the QTimeZone associated with the selected item
 CKWeekdayCheckComboA combobox that is populated with the days of the week from the current KCalenderSystem
 CResourceManagementThe ResourceManagement class
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