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#include <appendjob.h>

Inherits KIMAP::Job.

Public Member Functions

 AppendJob (Session *session)
QByteArray content () const
QList< QByteArrayflags () const
QDateTime internalDate () const
QString mailBox () const
void setContent (const QByteArray &content)
void setFlags (const QList< QByteArray > &flags)
void setInternalDate (const QDateTime &internalDate)
void setMailBox (const QString &mailBox)
qint64 uid () const

Protected Member Functions

void doStart () override
void handleResponse (const Response &response) override

Detailed Description

Appends a message to a mailbox.

This job can only be run when the session is in the authenticated (or selected) state.

If the server supports ACLs, the user will need the Acl::Insert right on the mailbox.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AppendJob()

AppendJob::AppendJob ( Session * session)

Definition at line 39 of file appendjob.cpp.

◆ ~AppendJob()

AppendJob::~AppendJob ( )

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Member Function Documentation

◆ content()

QByteArray AppendJob::content ( ) const

The content that the message will have.

Definition at line 90 of file appendjob.cpp.

◆ doStart()

void AppendJob::doStart ( )

Definition at line 102 of file appendjob.cpp.

◆ flags()

QList< QByteArray > AppendJob::flags ( ) const

The flags that will be set on the appended message.

Definition at line 66 of file appendjob.cpp.

◆ handleResponse()

void AppendJob::handleResponse ( const Response & response)

Definition at line 127 of file appendjob.cpp.

◆ internalDate()

QDateTime AppendJob::internalDate ( ) const

The internal date that will be set on the appended message.


Definition at line 78 of file appendjob.cpp.

◆ mailBox()

QString AppendJob::mailBox ( ) const

The mailbox that the message will be appended to.

Definition at line 54 of file appendjob.cpp.

◆ setContent()

void AppendJob::setContent ( const QByteArray & content)

The content of the message.

This should be in RFC-2822 format, although some required header lines may be omitted in certain cases, for example when appending to a Drafts folder.

contentusually an RFC-2822 message

Definition at line 84 of file appendjob.cpp.

◆ setFlags()

void AppendJob::setFlags ( const QList< QByteArray > & flags)

Set the flags that should be applied to the appended message.

flagsa list of flags

Definition at line 60 of file appendjob.cpp.

◆ setInternalDate()

void AppendJob::setInternalDate ( const QDateTime & internalDate)

Set the internal date that should be applied to the appended message.

This is the date/time the IMAP server should set internally for the appended message. See

If this is not set, the server will use the current date/time.

internalDatethe internal date

Definition at line 72 of file appendjob.cpp.

◆ setMailBox()

void AppendJob::setMailBox ( const QString & mailBox)

Set the mailbox to append the message to.

If the mailbox does not exist, it will not automatically be created and the command will fail.

mailBoxthe (unquoted) name of the mailbox

Definition at line 48 of file appendjob.cpp.

◆ uid()

qint64 AppendJob::uid ( ) const

The UID of the new message.

This will be zero if it is unknown.

The UID will not be known until the job has been successfully executed, and it will only be known at all if the server supports the UIDPLUS extension (RFC 4315).

Definition at line 96 of file appendjob.cpp.

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