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 CKIMAP::AclJobBaseBase class for jobs that operate on mailbox ACLs
 CKIMAP::DeleteAclJobRemoves an identifier from the ACL of a mailbox
 CKIMAP::GetAclJobGets the ACL for a mailbox
 CKIMAP::ListRightsJobLists the possible and automatic rights for an identifier on a mailbox
 CKIMAP::MyRightsJobDetermine the rights the currently-logged-in user has on the current mailbox
 CKIMAP::SetAclJobSets the rights that correspond to an identifier on a mailbox
 CKIMAP::AppendJobAppends a message to a mailbox
 CKIMAP::CapabilitiesJobChecks server capabilities
 CKIMAP::CloseJobCloses the current mailbox
 CKIMAP::CopyJobCopies one or more messages to another mailbox
 CKIMAP::CreateJobCreates a new mailbox
 CKIMAP::DeleteJobDelete a mailbox
 CKIMAP::EnableJobJob to enable additional IMAP capabilities
 CKIMAP::ExpungeJobExpunges the deleted messages in the selected mailbox
 CKIMAP::FetchJobFetch message data from the server
 CKIMAP::FetchJob::FetchScopeUsed to indicate what message data should be fetched
 CKIMAP::IdJobReports client id
 CKIMAP::IdleJobIdles the connection to the IMAP server
 CKIMAP::ImapIntervalRepresents a single interval in an ImapSet
 CKIMAP::ImapSetRepresents a set of natural numbers (1->∞) in a as compact as possible form
 CKIMAP::ImapStreamParserParser for IMAP messages that operates on a local socket stream
 CKIMAP::MetaDataJobBaseBase class for jobs that operate on mailbox metadata
 CKIMAP::GetMetaDataJobFetches mailbox metadata
 CKIMAP::SetMetaDataJobSets mailbox metadata
 CKIMAP::MoveJobMoves messages from current mailbox to another
 CQObject [external]
 CKJob [external]
 CKIMAP::QuotaJobBaseBase class for jobs that operate on mailbox quotas
 CKIMAP::GetQuotaJobGets resource limits for a quota root
 CKIMAP::GetQuotaRootJobGets the quota root and resource limits for a mailbox
 CKIMAP::SetQuotaJobSets resource limits on a quota root
 CKIMAP::SessionUiProxyInterface to display communication errors and wait for user feedback
 CKIMAP::TermA query term
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