KIMAP::CapabilitiesJob Class Reference

#include <capabilitiesjob.h>

Inherits KIMAP::Job.


void capabilitiesReceived (const QStringList &capabilities)

Public Member Functions

 CapabilitiesJob (Session *session)
QStringList capabilities () const

Protected Member Functions

void doStart () override
void handleResponse (const Response &response) override

Detailed Description

Checks server capabilities.

This job can be run in any open session.

This simply asks the server what capabilities it supports (using the CAPABILITY command) and returns the list provided by the server. The list may, therefore, be inaccurate: the server may claim to support something it does not implement properly, or it may omit a feature that it does, in reality, support.

Definition at line 33 of file capabilitiesjob.h.

Member Function Documentation

QStringList CapabilitiesJob::capabilities ( ) const

The capabilities the server claims to support.

This will return an empty list until the job has completed.

Definition at line 38 of file capabilitiesjob.cpp.

void KIMAP::CapabilitiesJob::capabilitiesReceived ( const QStringList capabilities)

Notifies listeners that the capabilities have been fetched.

capabilitiesThe capabilities the server claims to support.

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