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#include <setquotajob.h>

Inheritance diagram for KIMAP::SetQuotaJob:

Public Member Functions

 SetQuotaJob (Session *session)
QByteArray root () const
void setQuota (const QByteArray &resource, qint64 limit)
void setRoot (const QByteArray &root)
- Public Member Functions inherited from KIMAP::QuotaJobBase
 QuotaJobBase (Session *session)
qint64 limit (const QByteArray &resource)
qint64 usage (const QByteArray &resource)

Protected Member Functions

void doStart () override
void handleResponse (const Response &response) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from KIMAP::QuotaJobBase
 QuotaJobBase (JobPrivate &dd)

Detailed Description

Sets resource limits on a quota root.

Quotas are defined with respect to "resources" and "quota roots". A resource is a numerical property that can be limited, such as the octet size of all the messages in a mailbox, or the number of messages in a mailbox. Each mailbox has one or more quota roots, which are where the resource limits are defined. A quota root may or may not be a mailbox name, and an empty string is a valid quota root. All mailboxes with the same quota root share the resource limits of the quota root.

This job can only be run when the session is in the authenticated (or selected) state.

This job requires that the server supports the QUOTA capability, defined in RFC 2087.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SetQuotaJob()

SetQuotaJob::SetQuotaJob ( Session * session)

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◆ ~SetQuotaJob()

SetQuotaJob::~SetQuotaJob ( )

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Member Function Documentation

◆ doStart()

void SetQuotaJob::doStart ( )

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◆ handleResponse()

void SetQuotaJob::handleResponse ( const Response & response)

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◆ root()

QByteArray SetQuotaJob::root ( ) const

The quota root that will be modified.

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◆ setQuota()

void SetQuotaJob::setQuota ( const QByteArray & resource,
qint64 limit )

Set a limit for a quota resource.

For example, you might set the limit for "STORAGE" to 512 to limit the sum of the messages' RFC822.SIZE to 512*1024 octets (ie: 512 kb), or the limit for "MESSAGE" to 100 to limit the number of messages to 100.

Note that although RFC 2087 allows a resource name to be any string, this API actually limits resource names to upper-case atoms. In practice, resource names will almost certainly be composed entirely of upper-case latin letters (A-Z).

resourcethe resource name
limitthe maximum value the resource may take

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◆ setRoot()

void SetQuotaJob::setRoot ( const QByteArray & root)

Set the quota root the resource limits should be set for.

Note: if the quota root does not already exist, the server may create it and change the quota roots for any number of existing mailboxes in an implementation-defined manner.

rootthe quota root to set, in bytes
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