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#include <fetchjob.h>

Inherits KIMAP2::Job.


class  FetchScope


void resultReceived (const Result &)

Public Member Functions

 FetchJob (Session *session)
bool isUidBased () const
FetchScope scope () const
ImapSet sequenceSet () const
void setAvoidParsing (bool)
void setScope (const FetchScope &scope)
void setSequenceSet (const ImapSet &set)
void setUidBased (bool uidBased)

Protected Member Functions

void doStart () override
void handleResponse (const Message &response) override

Detailed Description

Fetch message data from the server.

All data is returned using the signals, so you need to connect to the relevant signal (or all of them) before starting the job.

This job will always use BODY.PEEK rather than BODY to fetch message content, so it will not set the flag.

This job can only be run when the session is in the selected state.

Definition at line 59 of file fetchjob.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool FetchJob::isUidBased ( ) const

How to interpret the sequence set.

if true the result of sequenceSet() should be interpreted as UIDs, if false it should be interpreted as sequence numbers

Definition at line 104 of file fetchjob.cpp.

FetchJob::FetchScope FetchJob::scope ( ) const

Specifies what data will be fetched.

Definition at line 116 of file fetchjob.cpp.

ImapSet FetchJob::sequenceSet ( ) const

The messages that will be fetched.

Definition at line 92 of file fetchjob.cpp.

void FetchJob::setAvoidParsing ( bool  avoid)

Avoid calling parse() on returned KMime::Messages.

Definition at line 79 of file fetchjob.cpp.

void FetchJob::setScope ( const FetchScope scope)

Sets what data should be fetched.

The default scope is FetchScope::Content (all content parts).

scopea FetchScope object describing what data should be fetched

Definition at line 110 of file fetchjob.cpp.

void FetchJob::setSequenceSet ( const ImapSet set)

Set which messages to fetch data for.

If sequence numbers are given, isUidBased() should be false. If UIDs are given, isUidBased() should be true.

setthe sequence numbers or UIDs of the messages to fetch data for

Definition at line 85 of file fetchjob.cpp.

void FetchJob::setUidBased ( bool  uidBased)

Set how the sequence set should be interpreted.

uidBasedif true the argument to setSequenceSet will be interpreted as UIDs, if false it will be interpreted as sequence numbers

Definition at line 98 of file fetchjob.cpp.

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