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KIMAP2::Term Class Reference

#include <searchjob.h>

Public Types

enum  BooleanSearchKey {
  New, Old, Recent, Seen,
  Draft, Deleted, Flagged, Answered
enum  DateSearchKey {
  Before, On, Since, SentBefore,
  SentOn, SentSince
enum  NumberSearchKey { Larger, Smaller }
enum  Relation { And, Or }
enum  SearchKey {
  All, Bcc, Body, Cc,
  From, Subject, Text, To,
enum  SequenceSearchKey { Uid, SequenceNumber }

Public Member Functions

 Term (BooleanSearchKey key)
 Term (const QString &header, const QString &value)
 Term (const Term &other)
 Term (DateSearchKey key, const QDate &date)
 Term (NumberSearchKey key, int value)
 Term (Relation relation, const QVector< Term > &subterms)
 Term (SearchKey key, const QString &value)
 Term (SequenceSearchKey key, const KIMAP2::ImapSet &)
bool isNull () const
Termoperator= (const Term &other)
bool operator== (const Term &other) const
QByteArray serialize () const
TermsetFuzzy (bool fuzzy)
TermsetNegated (bool negated)

Detailed Description

A query term.

Refer to the IMAP RFC for the meaning of the individual terms.


Definition at line 45 of file searchjob.h.

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