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 NKPIMClass KCheckComboBox::KCheckComboBoxPrivate
 CKCheckComboBoxA combobox that shows its items in such a way that they can be checked in the drop menu
 CKWidgetListerWidget that manages a list of other widgets (incl
 CMultiplyingLineAbstract Base Class representing a line in the Multiplying line widget
 CMultiplyingLineDataABC representing line data
 CMultiplyingLineEditorAn editor that adds rows (lines) of widgets and deletes them as the user edits
 CMultiplyingLineFactoryAn Abstract Base Class used to create MultiplyingLines Subclass this class and MultiplyingLine, then implement newLine() such that it allocates and returns an instance of your MultiplyingLine
 CProgressIndicatorLabelThe ProgressIndicatorLabel class
 CProgressItemThe ProgressItem class
 CProgressManagerThe ProgressManager singleton keeps track of all ongoing transactions and notifies observers (progress dialogs) when their progress percent value changes, when they are completed (by their owner), and when they are canceled
 CProgressStatusBarWidgetThe ProgressStatusBarWidget class
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