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KSieveUi::SieveEditorTextModeWidget Class Reference

#include <sieveeditortextmodewidget.h>

Inherits KSieveUi::SieveEditorAbstractWidget.


void copyAvailable (bool)
void enableButtonOk (bool)
void redoAvailable (bool)
void sieveEditorTabCurrentChanged ()
void switchToGraphicalMode ()
void undoAvailable (bool)
void valueChanged ()

Public Slots

void slotShowGoToLine ()

Public Member Functions

 SieveEditorTextModeWidget (QWidget *parent=nullptr)
void checkSpelling ()
void comment ()
void copy ()
void createRulesGraphically ()
QString currentHelpTitle () const
QUrl currentHelpUrl () const
QString currentscript () override
void cut ()
void debugSieveScript ()
void find ()
void generateXml ()
bool hasSelection () const
void hideEditorWarning ()
bool isRedoAvailable () const
bool isTextEditor () const
bool isUndoAvailable () const
bool isWordWrap () const
void lowerCase ()
void openBookmarkUrl (const QUrl &url)
void paste ()
void print ()
void printPreview ()
bool printSupportEnabled () const
void redo ()
void replace ()
void reverseCase ()
QString script () const
void selectAll ()
void sentenceCase ()
void setDebugScript (const QString &debug)
void setImportScript (const QString &script) override
void setListOfIncludeFile (const QStringList &listOfIncludeFile)
void setParsingEditorWarningError (const QString &script, const QString &error)
void setReadOnly (bool b)
void setScript (const QString &script, bool clearUndoRedo=false)
void setSieveCapabilities (const QStringList &capabilities)
void showEditorWarning ()
void showParsingEditorWarning ()
QStringList sieveCapabilities () const
SieveEditorTabWidgettabWidget () const
void uncomment ()
void undo ()
void upperCase ()
void wordWrap (bool state)
void zoomIn ()
void zoomOut ()
void zoomReset ()

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