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MailCommon::RuleWidgetHandler Class Referenceabstract

#include <rulewidgethandler.h>

Inherited by MailCommon::DateRuleWidgetHandler, MailCommon::EncryptionWidgetHandler, MailCommon::HeadersRuleWidgetHandler, MailCommon::MessageRuleWidgetHandler, MailCommon::NumericDoubleRuleWidgetHandler, MailCommon::NumericRuleWidgetHandler, MailCommon::StatusRuleWidgetHandler, MailCommon::TagRuleWidgetHandler, and MailCommon::TextRuleWidgetHandler.

Public Member Functions

virtual QWidgetcreateFunctionWidget (int number, QStackedWidget *functionStack, const QObject *receiver, bool isAkonadiSearch) const =0
virtual QWidgetcreateValueWidget (int number, QStackedWidget *valueStack, const QObject *receiver) const =0
virtual MailCommon::SearchRule::Function function (const QByteArray &field, const QStackedWidget *functionStack) const =0
virtual bool handlesField (const QByteArray &field) const =0
virtual QString prettyValue (const QByteArray &field, const QStackedWidget *functionStack, const QStackedWidget *valueStack) const =0
virtual void reset (QStackedWidget *functionStack, QStackedWidget *valueStack) const =0
virtual bool setRule (QStackedWidget *functionStack, QStackedWidget *valueStack, const MailCommon::SearchRule::Ptr rule, bool isAkonadiSearch) const =0
virtual bool update (const QByteArray &field, QStackedWidget *functionStack, QStackedWidget *valueStack) const =0
virtual QString value (const QByteArray &field, const QStackedWidget *functionStack, const QStackedWidget *valueStack) const =0

Detailed Description

An interface to filter/search rule widget handlers.

Definition at line 24 of file rulewidgethandler.h.

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