MailCommon::Util Namespace Reference


MAILCOMMON_EXPORT Akonadi::AgentInstance::List agentInstances (bool excludeMailTransport=true)
MAILCOMMON_EXPORT Akonadi::Collection::Id convertFolderPathToCollectionId (const QString &folder)
MAILCOMMON_EXPORT QString convertFolderPathToCollectionStr (const QString &folder)
MAILCOMMON_EXPORT OrgKdeAkonadiPOP3SettingsInterface * createPop3SettingsInterface (const QString &ident)
MAILCOMMON_EXPORT void expireOldMessages (const Akonadi::Collection &collection, bool immediate)
MAILCOMMON_EXPORT uint folderIdentity (const Akonadi::Item &item)
MAILCOMMON_EXPORT QStringList foundMailer ()
MAILCOMMON_EXPORT void foundMailer (QStringList &lst, const QString &name)
MAILCOMMON_EXPORT QString fullCollectionPath (const Akonadi::Collection &collection, bool addAccountName=true)
MAILCOMMON_EXPORT QString fullCollectionRemoveIdPath (const Akonadi::Collection &collection, bool addAccountName=true)
MAILCOMMON_EXPORT bool isLocalCollection (const QString &resource)
MAILCOMMON_EXPORT bool isMailAgent (const Akonadi::AgentInstance &instance, bool excludeMailTransport=true)
MAILCOMMON_EXPORT bool isUnifiedMailboxesAgent (const Akonadi::Collection &col)
MAILCOMMON_EXPORT bool isVirtualCollection (const Akonadi::Collection &col)
MAILCOMMON_EXPORT bool isVirtualCollection (const QString &resource)
MAILCOMMON_EXPORT QString realFolderPath (const QString &path)
MAILCOMMON_EXPORT bool showJobErrorMessage (KJob *job)

Detailed Description

The Util namespace contains a collection of helper functions use in various places.

Function Documentation

◆ folderIdentity()

uint MailCommon::Util::folderIdentity ( const Akonadi::Item item)

Returns the identity of the folder that contains the given Akonadi::Item.

Definition at line 177 of file mailutil.cpp.

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