MessageList::Utils::ComboBoxUtils Namespace Reference


void fillIntegerOptionCombo (QComboBox *combo, const QList< QPair< QString, int > > &optionDescriptors)
int getIntegerOptionComboValue (QComboBox *combo, int defaultValue)
void setIntegerOptionComboValue (QComboBox *combo, int value)

Detailed Description

Namespace containing some helper functions for QComboBox widgets.

Function Documentation

◆ fillIntegerOptionCombo()

void MessageList::Utils::ComboBoxUtils::fillIntegerOptionCombo ( QComboBox * combo,
const QList< QPair< QString, int > > & optionDescriptors )

Fills the specified QComboBox with the options available in optionDescriptors.

Each option descriptor contains a description string and a distinct integer (possibly enum) identifier value.

Definition at line 17 of file comboboxutils.cpp.

◆ getIntegerOptionComboValue()

int MessageList::Utils::ComboBoxUtils::getIntegerOptionComboValue ( QComboBox * combo,
int defaultValue )

Returns the identifier of the currently selected option in the specified combo.

If the combo has no current selection or something goes wrong then the defaultValue is returned instead.

Definition at line 62 of file comboboxutils.cpp.

◆ setIntegerOptionComboValue()

void MessageList::Utils::ComboBoxUtils::setIntegerOptionComboValue ( QComboBox * combo,
int value )

Sets the currently selected option in the specified combo.

Definition at line 49 of file comboboxutils.cpp.

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