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KChart::BarAttributes Class Reference

#include <KChartBarAttributes.h>

Public Member Functions

 BarAttributes (const BarAttributes &)
qreal barGapFactor () const
bool drawSolidExcessArrows () const
qreal fixedBarWidth () const
qreal fixedDataValueGap () const
qreal fixedValueBlockGap () const
qreal groupGapFactor () const
bool operator!= (const BarAttributes &other) const
BarAttributesoperator= (const BarAttributes &)
bool operator== (const BarAttributes &) const
void setBarGapFactor (qreal gapFactor)
void setDrawSolidExcessArrows (bool solidArrows)
void setFixedBarWidth (qreal width)
void setFixedDataValueGap (qreal gap)
void setFixedValueBlockGap (qreal gap)
void setGroupGapFactor (qreal gapFactor)
void setUseFixedBarWidth (bool useFixedBarWidth)
void setUseFixedDataValueGap (bool gapIsFixed)
void setUseFixedValueBlockGap (bool gapIsFixed)
bool useFixedBarWidth () const
bool useFixedDataValueGap () const
bool useFixedValueBlockGap () const

Detailed Description

Set of attributes for changing the appearance of bar charts.

Definition at line 20 of file KChartBarAttributes.h.

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