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KChart::MarkerLayoutItem Class Reference

#include <KChartLayoutItems.h>

Inheritance diagram for KChart::MarkerLayoutItem:

Public Member Functions

 MarkerLayoutItem (AbstractDiagram *diagram, const MarkerAttributes &marker, const QBrush &brush, const QPen &pen, Qt::Alignment alignment=Qt::Alignment())
Qt::Orientations expandingDirections () const override
QRect geometry () const override
bool isEmpty () const override
QSize maximumSize () const override
QSize minimumSize () const override
void paint (QPainter *) override
void setGeometry (const QRect &r) override
QSize sizeHint () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from KChart::AbstractLayoutItem
 AbstractLayoutItem (Qt::Alignment itemAlignment=Qt::Alignment())
virtual void paintAll (QPainter &painter)
virtual void paintCtx (PaintContext *context)
QLayoutparentLayout ()
void removeFromParentLayout ()
void setParentLayout (QLayout *lay)
virtual void setParentWidget (QWidget *widget)
virtual void sizeHintChanged () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from QLayoutItem
 QLayoutItem (Qt::Alignment alignment)
Qt::Alignment alignment () const const
virtual QSizePolicy::ControlTypes controlTypes () const const
virtual bool hasHeightForWidth () const const
virtual int heightForWidth (int) const const
virtual void invalidate ()
virtual QLayoutlayout ()
virtual int minimumHeightForWidth (int w) const const
void setAlignment (Qt::Alignment alignment)
virtual QSpacerItemspacerItem ()
virtual QWidgetwidget ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void paintIntoRect (QPainter *painter, const QRect &rect, AbstractDiagram *diagram, const MarkerAttributes &marker, const QBrush &brush, const QPen &pen)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from KChart::AbstractLayoutItem

Detailed Description

Layout item showing a data point marker.

Definition at line 245 of file KChartLayoutItems.h.

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