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KChart::RadarGrid Class Reference

#include <KChartRadarGrid.h>

Inheritance diagram for KChart::RadarGrid:

Public Member Functions

void drawGrid (PaintContext *context) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from KChart::AbstractGrid
void setNeedRecalculate ()
DataDimensionsList updateData (AbstractCoordinatePlane *plane)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from KChart::AbstractGrid
static const DataDimension adjustedLowerUpperRange (const DataDimension &dim, bool adjustLower, bool adjustUpper)
static void adjustLowerUpperRange (qreal &start, qreal &end, qreal stepWidth, bool adjustLower, bool adjustUpper)
static bool isBoundariesValid (const QRectF &r)
static bool isBoundariesValid (const QPair< QPointF, QPointF > &b)
static bool isBoundariesValid (const DataDimensionsList &l)
static bool isValueValid (const qreal &r)
- Public Attributes inherited from KChart::AbstractGrid
GridAttributes gridAttributes
- Protected Attributes inherited from KChart::AbstractGrid
DataDimensionsList mDataDimensions

Detailed Description

Class for the grid in a radar plane.

The RadarGrid interface is used for calculating and for drawing the grid lines of a radar charts including "axis" labels.

Definition at line 41 of file KChartRadarGrid.h.

Member Function Documentation

void RadarGrid::drawGrid ( PaintContext context)

Doing the actual drawing.

Every derived class must implement this.

When implementing drawGrid(): Before you start drawing, make sure to call updateData(), to get the data boundaries recalculated. For an example, see the implementation of CartesianGrid:drawGrid().

Implements KChart::AbstractGrid.

Definition at line 93 of file KChartRadarGrid.cpp.

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