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KChart::RulerAttributes Class Reference

#include <KChartRulerAttributes.h>

Public Types

typedef QMap< qreal, QPenTickMarkerPensMap

Public Member Functions

 RulerAttributes (const RulerAttributes &)
bool hasTickMarkPenAt (qreal value) const
int labelMargin () const
int majorTickMarkLength () const
bool majorTickMarkLengthIsSet () const
QPen majorTickMarkPen () const
bool majorTickMarkPenIsSet () const
int minorTickMarkLength () const
bool minorTickMarkLengthIsSet () const
QPen minorTickMarkPen () const
bool minorTickMarkPenIsSet () const
bool operator!= (const RulerAttributes &other) const
RulerAttributesoperator= (const RulerAttributes &)
bool operator== (const RulerAttributes &) const
QPen rulerLinePen () const
void setLabelMargin (int margin)
void setMajorTickMarkLength (int length)
void setMajorTickMarkPen (const QPen &pen)
void setMinorTickMarkLength (int length)
void setMinorTickMarkPen (const QPen &pen)
void setRulerLinePen (const QPen &pen)
void setShowFirstTick (bool show)
void setShowMajorTickMarks (bool show)
void setShowMinorTickMarks (bool show)
void setShowRulerLine (bool show)
void setTickMarkColor (const QColor &color)
void setTickMarkPen (const QPen &pen)
void setTickMarkPen (qreal value, const QPen &pen)
bool showFirstTick () const
bool showMajorTickMarks () const
bool showMinorTickMarks () const
bool showRulerLine () const
QColor tickMarkColor () const
QPen tickMarkPen () const
QPen tickMarkPen (qreal value) const
TickMarkerPensMap tickMarkPens () const

Detailed Description

A set of attributes controlling the appearance of axis rulers.

Definition at line 25 of file KChartRulerAttributes.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ TickMarkerPensMap

Definition at line 62 of file KChartRulerAttributes.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RulerAttributes() [1/2]

RulerAttributes::RulerAttributes ( )

Definition at line 72 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ RulerAttributes() [2/2]

RulerAttributes::RulerAttributes ( const RulerAttributes & r)

Definition at line 78 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ ~RulerAttributes()

RulerAttributes::~RulerAttributes ( )

Definition at line 250 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ hasTickMarkPenAt()

bool RulerAttributes::hasTickMarkPenAt ( qreal value) const

Definition at line 147 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ labelMargin()

int RulerAttributes::labelMargin ( ) const

Definition at line 193 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ majorTickMarkLength()

int RulerAttributes::majorTickMarkLength ( ) const

Definition at line 204 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ majorTickMarkLengthIsSet()

bool RulerAttributes::majorTickMarkLengthIsSet ( ) const

Definition at line 209 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ majorTickMarkPen()

QPen RulerAttributes::majorTickMarkPen ( ) const

Definition at line 104 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ majorTickMarkPenIsSet()

bool RulerAttributes::majorTickMarkPenIsSet ( ) const

Definition at line 99 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ minorTickMarkLength()

int RulerAttributes::minorTickMarkLength ( ) const

Definition at line 220 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ minorTickMarkLengthIsSet()

bool RulerAttributes::minorTickMarkLengthIsSet ( ) const

Definition at line 225 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ minorTickMarkPen()

QPen RulerAttributes::minorTickMarkPen ( ) const

Definition at line 120 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ minorTickMarkPenIsSet()

bool RulerAttributes::minorTickMarkPenIsSet ( ) const

Definition at line 115 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ operator!=()

bool KChart::RulerAttributes::operator!= ( const RulerAttributes & other) const

Definition at line 126 of file KChartRulerAttributes.h.

◆ operator=()

RulerAttributes & RulerAttributes::operator= ( const RulerAttributes & r)

Definition at line 240 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ operator==()

bool RulerAttributes::operator== ( const RulerAttributes & r) const

Definition at line 255 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ rulerLinePen()

QPen RulerAttributes::rulerLinePen ( ) const
the ruler line pen

Definition at line 288 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ setLabelMargin()

void RulerAttributes::setLabelMargin ( int margin)

Set margin that should be used between the labels and the ticks.

By default the value is -1, which means that half of the label's font height/width should be used as margin.

Definition at line 188 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ setMajorTickMarkLength()

void RulerAttributes::setMajorTickMarkLength ( int length)

Sets the length of major tick marks.

Definition at line 198 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ setMajorTickMarkPen()

void RulerAttributes::setMajorTickMarkPen ( const QPen & pen)

Sets the pen used to draw major tick marks.

Definition at line 93 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ setMinorTickMarkLength()

void RulerAttributes::setMinorTickMarkLength ( int length)

Sets the length of minor tick marks.

Definition at line 214 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ setMinorTickMarkPen()

void RulerAttributes::setMinorTickMarkPen ( const QPen & pen)

Sets the pen used to draw minor tick marks.

Definition at line 109 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ setRulerLinePen()

void RulerAttributes::setRulerLinePen ( const QPen & pen)

Set the ruler line pen to pen.

Definition at line 283 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ setShowFirstTick()

void RulerAttributes::setShowFirstTick ( bool show)

Shows or hides the first tick.

This is usually where the axes cross. The tick itself may be obscured by the other axis, but the label will be visible.

Definition at line 230 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ setShowMajorTickMarks()

void RulerAttributes::setShowMajorTickMarks ( bool show)

Shows or hides major tick marks.

Definition at line 168 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ setShowMinorTickMarks()

void RulerAttributes::setShowMinorTickMarks ( bool show)

Shows or hides minor tick marks.

Definition at line 178 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ setShowRulerLine()

void RulerAttributes::setShowRulerLine ( bool show)

Definition at line 293 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ setTickMarkColor()

void RulerAttributes::setTickMarkColor ( const QColor & color)

Color setter method provided for convenience.

Definition at line 158 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ setTickMarkPen() [1/2]

void RulerAttributes::setTickMarkPen ( const QPen & pen)

Sets the pen used to draw the tick marks.

Definition at line 83 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ setTickMarkPen() [2/2]

void RulerAttributes::setTickMarkPen ( qreal value,
const QPen & pen )

Sets the pen used to draw the tick mark at a specific value.

Note: This will not paint a tick mark at the specified value if it wasn't already drawn before.

Definition at line 125 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ showFirstTick()

bool RulerAttributes::showFirstTick ( ) const

Definition at line 235 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ showMajorTickMarks()

bool RulerAttributes::showMajorTickMarks ( ) const

Definition at line 173 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ showMinorTickMarks()

bool RulerAttributes::showMinorTickMarks ( ) const

Definition at line 183 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ showRulerLine()

bool RulerAttributes::showRulerLine ( ) const

Definition at line 298 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ tickMarkColor()

QColor RulerAttributes::tickMarkColor ( ) const

Definition at line 163 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ tickMarkPen() [1/2]

QPen RulerAttributes::tickMarkPen ( ) const

Definition at line 88 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ tickMarkPen() [2/2]

QPen RulerAttributes::tickMarkPen ( qreal value) const

Definition at line 131 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

◆ tickMarkPens()

RulerAttributes::TickMarkerPensMap RulerAttributes::tickMarkPens ( ) const

Definition at line 142 of file KChartRulerAttributes.cpp.

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