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KChart::ThreeDBarAttributes Class Reference

#include <KChartThreeDBarAttributes.h>

Inheritance diagram for KChart::ThreeDBarAttributes:

Public Member Functions

 ThreeDBarAttributes (const ThreeDBarAttributes &)
uint angle () const
bool operator!= (const ThreeDBarAttributes &other) const
ThreeDBarAttributesoperator= (const ThreeDBarAttributes &)
bool operator== (const ThreeDBarAttributes &) const
void setAngle (uint threeDAngle)
void setUseShadowColors (bool useShadowColors)
bool useShadowColors () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from KChart::AbstractThreeDAttributes
 AbstractThreeDAttributes (const AbstractThreeDAttributes &)
qreal depth () const
bool isEnabled () const
bool isThreeDBrushEnabled () const
bool operator!= (const AbstractThreeDAttributes &other) const
AbstractThreeDAttributesoperator= (const AbstractThreeDAttributes &)
bool operator== (const AbstractThreeDAttributes &) const
void setDepth (qreal depth)
void setEnabled (bool enabled)
void setThreeDBrushEnabled (bool enabled)
virtual QBrush threeDBrush (const QBrush &brush, const QRectF &rect) const
qreal validDepth () const

Detailed Description

A set of 3D bar attributes.

Definition at line 21 of file KChartThreeDBarAttributes.h.

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