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FormCard Class Reference
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real bottomPadding
bool cardWidthRestricted
alias delegates
real horizontalPadding
real leftPadding
real maximumWidth
real padding
real rightPadding
real topPadding
real verticalPadding

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from QtQuick.Item
 childAt (real x, real y)
bool contains (point point)
 dumpItemTree ()
 forceActiveFocus ()
 forceActiveFocus (Qt::FocusReason reason)
bool grabToImage (callback, targetSize)
point mapFromGlobal (real x, real y)
point mapFromItem (Item item, point p)
point mapFromItem (Item item, real x, real y)
rect mapFromItem (Item item, real x, real y, real width, real height)
rect mapFromItem (Item item, rect r)
point mapToGlobal (real x, real y)
point mapToItem (Item item, point p)
point mapToItem (Item item, real x, real y)
rect mapToItem (Item item, real x, real y, real width, real height)
rect mapToItem (Item item, rect r)
 nextItemInFocusChain (bool forward)

Detailed Description

A single card that follows a form style.

This is the entrypoint component for FormCard.

A FormCard consists of a container that can be used to create your own Settings pages. It has a different color than the background.

Each FormCard can contain one or more Form delegates in its contentItem. To add more than one Form delegate to a FormCard, use a QtQuick.Layouts.ColumnLayout to group them.

Multiple FormCards can be grouped with a QtQuick.Layouts.ColumnLayout to represent different Settings sections.

Each section is expected to contain a FormCardHeader as the first delegate, which serves the role of a section title.

The height of the FormCard matches the implicit height of the contentItem and does not need to be set, while the width is expected to be given by the parent, for example, via a Layout.fillWidth.

KirigamiAddons 0.11.0

Definition at line 35 of file FormCard.qml.

Property Documentation

◆ bottomPadding

real FormCard::bottomPadding

Definition at line 68 of file FormCard.qml.

◆ cardWidthRestricted

bool FormCard::cardWidthRestricted

Whether the card's width is being restricted.

This property is read-only

Definition at line 77 of file FormCard.qml.

◆ delegates

alias FormCard::delegates

The delegates inside the Form card.

This is where you should add new Form delegates.

This is the default property

Definition at line 43 of file FormCard.qml.

◆ horizontalPadding

real FormCard::horizontalPadding

Definition at line 64 of file FormCard.qml.

◆ leftPadding

real FormCard::leftPadding

Definition at line 70 of file FormCard.qml.

◆ maximumWidth

real FormCard::maximumWidth

The maximum width of the card.

This can be set to a specific value to force its delegates to wrap instead of using the entire width of the parent.

default: Kirigami.Units.gridUnit * 30

See also

Definition at line 54 of file FormCard.qml.

◆ padding

real FormCard::padding

The padding used around the content edges.

default: 0

Definition at line 60 of file FormCard.qml.

◆ rightPadding

real FormCard::rightPadding

Definition at line 72 of file FormCard.qml.

◆ topPadding

real FormCard::topPadding

Definition at line 66 of file FormCard.qml.

◆ verticalPadding

real FormCard::verticalPadding

Definition at line 62 of file FormCard.qml.

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