KMyMoney Plugin API


KMyMoney is an open-source personal finance software, part of the KDE software family. Written in C++ and Qt, available for all major platforms: Linux, Windows, BSD and macOS.

Download and Help

Please refer to the KMyMoney's website ( for all the information on how to download and use it. If you need help, check out its Support page.


Please report to KDE Bugzilla.

Get involved!

There are multiple ways to get involved: through testing, bug reporting, translating and developing KMyMoney. Every contribution is appreciated and very much needed!

See KDE's guidelines for all the ways you can help us out. Developers, in particular: check the section below.


Pull requests are obviously very much welcome – refer to the Developers Wiki for information on how to proceed.

Once done, set up your development environment, compile and hack KMyMoney.


See SPDX copies in [LICENSES](LICENSES) folder.