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KOpeningHours::Interval Class Reference

#include <interval.h>

Public Types

enum  State { Invalid , Open , Closed , Unknown }


QDateTime begin
QString comment
int dstOffset
QDateTime end
QDateTime estimatedEnd
bool hasOpenBegin
bool hasOpenEnd
bool hasOpenEndTime
State state

Public Member Functions

 Interval (const Interval &)
 Interval (Interval &&)
QDateTime begin () const
QString comment () const
bool contains (const QDateTime &dt) const
int dstOffset () const
QDateTime end () const
QDateTime estimatedEnd () const
bool hasOpenBegin () const
bool hasOpenEnd () const
bool hasOpenEndTime () const
bool intersects (const Interval &other) const
bool isValid () const
bool operator< (const Interval &other) const
Intervaloperator= (const Interval &)
Intervaloperator= (Interval &&)
void setBegin (const QDateTime &begin)
void setComment (const QString &comment)
void setEnd (const QDateTime &end)
void setEstimatedEnd (const QDateTime &estimatedEnd)
void setOpenEndTime (bool openEndTime)
void setState (State state)
State state () const

Detailed Description

A time interval for which an opening hours expression has been evaluated.

Definition at line 24 of file interval.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ State

Opening state during a time interval.

Definition at line 97 of file interval.h.

Property Documentation

◆ begin

QDateTime KOpeningHours::Interval::begin

Definition at line 28 of file interval.h.

◆ comment

QString KOpeningHours::Interval::comment

Definition at line 33 of file interval.h.

◆ dstOffset

int KOpeningHours::Interval::dstOffset

Definition at line 35 of file interval.h.

◆ end

QDateTime KOpeningHours::Interval::end

Definition at line 30 of file interval.h.

◆ estimatedEnd

QDateTime KOpeningHours::Interval::estimatedEnd

Definition at line 34 of file interval.h.

◆ hasOpenBegin

bool KOpeningHours::Interval::hasOpenBegin

Definition at line 29 of file interval.h.

◆ hasOpenEnd

bool KOpeningHours::Interval::hasOpenEnd

Definition at line 31 of file interval.h.

◆ hasOpenEndTime

bool KOpeningHours::Interval::hasOpenEndTime

Definition at line 32 of file interval.h.

◆ state

State KOpeningHours::Interval::state

Definition at line 27 of file interval.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Interval()

Interval::Interval ( )

Definition at line 23 of file interval.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ begin()

QDateTime Interval::begin ( ) const

Begin of the interval.

This is the first point in time included in the interval, or invalid if this is an interval with an open begin.

Definition at line 65 of file interval.cpp.

◆ comment()

QString Interval::comment ( ) const


Definition at line 127 of file interval.cpp.

◆ contains()

bool Interval::contains ( const QDateTime & dt) const

Check if this interval contains dt.

Definition at line 108 of file interval.cpp.

◆ dstOffset()

int Interval::dstOffset ( ) const

Returns the UTC offset change between estimatedEnd() and begin().

This is 0, unless there is a DST transition happening in that interval.


Definition at line 152 of file interval.cpp.

◆ end()

QDateTime Interval::end ( ) const

End of the interval.

This is the first point in time not included in the interval anymore, or invalid for open-ended intervals. That is, the end of an interval describing the year 2020 would be Jan 1st 2021 at midnight (00:00).

Definition at line 81 of file interval.cpp.

◆ estimatedEnd()

QDateTime Interval::estimatedEnd ( ) const

Returns an estimated end time for intervals with an open end time.

By default this is the same as end() would return, unless higher-level logic with a view on multiple intervals and/or other context actually sets this.

Definition at line 138 of file interval.cpp.

◆ hasOpenBegin()

bool Interval::hasOpenBegin ( ) const

Returns true if this is an interval with an open begin, ie.

starting at the beginning of time.

Definition at line 76 of file interval.cpp.

◆ hasOpenEnd()

bool Interval::hasOpenEnd ( ) const

Returns true if this is an interval with an open end date, ie.

continuing for all eternity.

This is different from an interval with an open end time.

Definition at line 92 of file interval.cpp.

◆ hasOpenEndTime()

bool Interval::hasOpenEndTime ( ) const

Returns true if this is an interval with an open end time, ie.

an interval generated by a selector like "20:00+".

This is different from an interval with an open end.

Definition at line 97 of file interval.cpp.

◆ intersects()

bool Interval::intersects ( const Interval & other) const

Checks whether this interval overlaps with other.

Definition at line 49 of file interval.cpp.

◆ isValid()

bool Interval::isValid ( ) const

Default constructed empty/invalid interval.

Definition at line 60 of file interval.cpp.

◆ operator<()

bool Interval::operator< ( const Interval & other) const

Check whether this interval starts before other.

Definition at line 34 of file interval.cpp.

◆ setBegin()

void Interval::setBegin ( const QDateTime & begin)

Definition at line 70 of file interval.cpp.

◆ setComment()

void Interval::setComment ( const QString & comment)

Definition at line 132 of file interval.cpp.

◆ setEnd()

void Interval::setEnd ( const QDateTime & end)

Definition at line 86 of file interval.cpp.

◆ setEstimatedEnd()

void Interval::setEstimatedEnd ( const QDateTime & estimatedEnd)

Definition at line 146 of file interval.cpp.

◆ setOpenEndTime()

void Interval::setOpenEndTime ( bool openEndTime)

Definition at line 102 of file interval.cpp.

◆ setState()

void Interval::setState ( State state)

Definition at line 121 of file interval.cpp.

◆ state()

Interval::State Interval::state ( ) const

The opening state for this time interval.

Definition at line 116 of file interval.cpp.

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