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 NKUnifiedPushClient-side integration with UnifiedPush
 CAbstractPushProviderBase class for push provider protocol implementations
 CClientInformation about a registered client
 CCommandDistributor command queue entries
 CConnectorClient connector to UnifiedPush
 CDistributorUnifiedPush distributor service
 CGotifyPushProviderPush provider protocol implementation for Gotify
 CMessageA received push notification message
 CNextPushProviderNextPush push provider implementation
 CNtfyPushProviderNtfy push provider
 CServerSentEventsStreamSever-sent Events (SSE) stream
 CClientModelModel for all registered push notification client
 CKCMPushNotificationsKCM to configure push notifications
 CNextcloudAuthenticatorImplementation of https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/latest/developer_manual/client_apis/LoginFlow/index.html#login-flow-v2
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