class ReadWritePart

Base class for an "editor" part. More...

Contains pure virtuals
Full nameKParts::ReadWritePart
Definition#include <part.h>
InheritsKParts::ReadOnlyPart [public ]
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Base class for an "editor" part.

This class handles network transparency for you. Anything that can open a URL, allow modifications, and save (to the same URL or a different one).

A read-write part can be set to read-only mode, using setReadWrite().

Part writers : Any part inheriting ReadWritePart should check isReadWrite before allowing any action that modifies the part. The part probably wants to reimplement setReadWrite, disable those actions. Don't forget to call the parent setReadWrite.

 ReadWritePart ( QObject *parent = 0, const char *name = 0 )


Constructor See parent constructor for instructions.

 ~ReadWritePart ()



Destructor Applications using a ReadWritePart should make sure, before destroying it, to call closeURL(). In KMainWindow::queryClose(), for instance, they should allow closing only if the return value of closeURL() was true. This allows to cancel.

bool  isReadWrite ()



Returns: true if the part is in read-write mode

void  setReadWrite ( bool readwrite = true )



Changes the behaviour of this part to readonly or readwrite.

readwriteset to true to enable readwrite mode

bool  isModified ()



Returns: true if the document has been modified.

bool  closeURL ()



Called when closing the current url (e.g. document), for instance when switching to another url (note that openURL() calls it automatically in this case). If the current URL is not fully loaded yet, aborts loading. Reimplemented from ReadOnlyPart, to handle modified parts (and suggest saving in this case, with yes/no/cancel).

Returns: false on cancel

Reimplemented from ReadOnlyPart.

bool  saveAs ( const KURL &url )



Save the file to a new location.

Calls save(), no need to reimplement

void  setModified ( bool modified )



Sets the modified flag of the part.

void  setModified ()


[virtual slot]

Call setModified() whenever the contents get modified. This is a slot for convenience, so that you can connect it to a signal, like textChanged().

bool  save ()


[virtual slot]

Save the file in the location from which it was opened. You can connect this to the "save" action. Calls saveFile() and saveToURL(), no need to reimplement.

bool  saveFile ()


[protected pure virtual]

Save to a local file. You need to implement it, to save to m_file. The framework takes care of re-uploading afterwards.

bool  saveToURL ()


[protected virtual]

Save the file.

Uploads the file, if m_url is remote. This will emit started(), and either completed() or canceled(), in case you want to provide feedback.

void  slotUploadFinished ( KIO::Job * job )


[protected slots slot]

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