KDE 3.1 API Reference

KDE 3.1 API Reference

This section contains the KDE online class reference for the KDE version 3.1.
  • kdecore
    Core KDE classes that are not related to the user interface.
  • kdefx
    Pixmaps, image effects and the KStyle extension to QStyle.
  • kdeui
    KDE User interface classes such as widgets.
  • khtml
    The KDE HTML component.
  • kjs
    Javascript (aka. ECMAScript and JScript) support.
  • kfile
    High level access to the KDE network aware file abstraction.
  • kio
    Low level access to network files. Also provides access to facilities such as KDirWatch which monitors directories for changes.
  • kimgio
    Support for image formats is now part of the KIO library.
  • kparts
    Support for re-usable, embeddable, extendable applications.
  • dcop
    The DCOP communications library.
  • kspell
    Easy access to the spell checker.
  • kmid
    MIDI library.
  • interfaces
    Defines interfaces for common components so that new implementations can be dropped in.
  • kabc
    Access to the KDE address book.
  • kdeprint
    The KDEPrint printing libraries.
  • Search
    Search this site, or use a predefined search to search for KDE information on other sites.

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