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KSpell offers easy access to International ISpell or ASpell (at the user's option) as well as a spell-checker GUI ("Add", "Replace", etc.).

You can use KSpell to automatically spell-check an ASCII file as well as to implement online spell-checking and to spell-check proprietary format and marked up (e.g. HTML, TeX) documents. The relevant methods for these three procedures are check(), checkWord(), and checkList(), respectively.

KSpellConfig holds configuration information about KSpell as well as acting as an options-setting dialog.

KSpell usually works asynchronously. If you do not need that, you should simply use KSpell::modalCheck(). It won't return until the passed string is processed or the spell checking canceled. During modal spell checking your GUI is still repainted, but the user may only interact with the KSpell dialog.

See also: KSpell, KSpellConfig

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