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 NKSaneIfaceThis namespace collects all methods and classes in LibKSane
 CHideRectItemQGraphicsItem for hiding rects in the image viewer
 CKSaneAuthSane authentication helpers
 CKSaneButtonA wrapper for a checkbox
 CKSaneCoreThis class provides the core interface for accessing the scan controls and options
 CKSaneOptionA wrapper class providing access to the internal KSaneBaseOption to access all options provided by lib(k)sane
 CKSaneOptionWidgetBase class for option widgets
 CKSaneWidgetThis class provides the widget containing the scan options and the preview
 CLabeledCheckboxA wrapper for a checkbox
 CLabeledComboA label and a combobox
 CLabeledEntryA text entry field with a set and reset button
 CLabeledFSliderA combination of a label a slider and a spinbox
 CLabeledGammaA wrapper for a checkbox
 CLabeledSliderA combination of a label a slider and a spinbox
 CSelectionItemSelection QGraphicsItem for the image viewer
 CSplitterCollapserA button which appears on the side of a splitter handle and allows easy collapsing of the widget on the opposite side
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