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 CHideRectItemQGraphicsItem for hiding rects in the image viewer
 CKSaneButtonA wrapper for a checkbox
 CKSaneOptionWidgetBase class for option widgets
 CKSaneWidgetThis class provides the widget containing the scan options and the preview
 CLabeledCheckboxA wrapper for a checkbox
 CLabeledComboA label and a combobox
 CLabeledEntryA text entry field with a set and reset button
 CLabeledFSliderA combination of a label a slider and a spinbox
 CLabeledGammaA wrapper for a checkbox
 CLabeledSliderA combination of a label a slider and a spinbox
 CSelectionItemSelection QGraphicsItem for the image viewer
 CSplitterCollapserA button which appears on the side of a splitter handle and allows easy collapsing of the widget on the opposite side
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